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1863 Inn Of Gettysburg Gettysburg PA 2015      
Adams Country Public Library Gettysburg PA 2031    
Adams County Almshouse Cemetery Gettysburg PA 2018    
Adams County Courthouse Gettysburg Gettysburg PA 2016    
Adams Family Home
Last Visited: 07/13/2022
Dearborn MI   S4 1940     camera_roll   1
Adams Mystery Playhouse Denver CO 1936    
Antietam Battlefield Sharpsburg MD 1888   camera_roll  
Appomattox Court House National Historical Park
Last Visited: 07/17/2017
Appomattox VA 1928   camera_roll  
Arlington National Cemetery
Last Visited: 07/18/2013
Arlington VA   S3 1986     camera_roll   4 queue_play_next
Ash Lawn - Highland Charlottesville VA 1885   camera_roll  
Athens Mental Hospital - The Ridges Athens OH 1025    
Audubon House and Tropical Gardens Key West FL 1966    
Austin Log Cabin
Last Visited: 08/05/2018
Canfield OH   S2 1324     camera_roll   1
Austintown Fitch High School
Last Visited: 01/11/2017
Austintown OH   S1 1325 N/A   N/A   1
Aviles Street St. Augustine FL   S4 1013    
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Terminal Youngstown Youngstown OH   S1 1323     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Barnhisel House
Last Visited: 02/15/2019
Girard OH   S2 1996     camera_roll   4 queue_play_next
Bayfront Marin House St. Augustine FL 1891    
Beale Street
Last Visited: 10/18/2008
Memphis TN   S4 50011     camera_roll   1
Betsy Ross House
Last Visited: 07/02/2015
Philadelphia PA   S1 1048     camera_roll   1
Beverly Hills Hotel Beverly Hills CA 1982   camera_roll  
Birthplace of Thomas Alva Edison
Last Visited: 07/12/2022
Milan OH   S4 50003       camera_roll   1
Blennerhassett Museum of Regional History
Last Visited: 07/09/2019
Parkersburg WV 2077   camera_roll  
Blue Hen Falls Brecksville OH   S2 2086       camera_roll   1
Boston Township Hall Peninsula OH 2115    
Bowman Cemetery Lisbon OH   S1 1970     camera_roll   1
Brandywine Falls Sagamore Hills OH   S2 2085     camera_roll   1
Bube's Brewery Mount Joy PA 2084    
Buckley House Restaurant, Marietta Ohio Marietta OH 2107    
Buckley Island Marietta OH 2106    
Busy Bee Marietta OH 2101    
Byzantine Catholic Central School Youngstown OH 1006    
Cabrillo National Monument
Last Visited: 11/11/2018
San Diego CA 1997   camera_roll  
Calvary Cemetery Youngstown OH   S4 1073 N/A     1
Calvin Center Hall and Adtrm Youngstown OH 1311    
Captain Tony's Saloon Key West FL   S1 1869     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Casa Casuarina
Last Visited: 06/18/2016
Miami Beach FL   S1 1967     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Casa de Estudillo San Diego CA 1835   camera_roll  
Casa Monica Resort and Spa St. Augustine FL 1894    
Casablanca Inn St. Augustine FL 1524    
Cashtown Inn
Last Visited: 07/15/2018
Cashtown PA   S4 1390     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Castillo de San Marcos St. Augustine FL 1047   camera_roll  
Castillo San Cristobal San Juan PR 1951   camera_roll  
Castillo San Felipe del Morro San Juan PR 1952   camera_roll  
Cawley and Peoples Mortuary Museum
Last Visited: 09/14/2019
Marietta OH   S3 50006     camera_roll   1
Ceely Rose House Lucas OH   S1 1989     camera_roll   5 queue_play_next
Cemetery of El Campo Santo
Last Visited: 11/07/2018
San Diego CA   S2 1998     camera_roll   1
Chateau Marmont Hotel Los Angeles CA 1864   camera_roll  
Chestnut Grove Cemetery - Ashtabula
Last Visited: 03/22/2015
Ashtabula OH 1344 N/A   camera_roll  
Chicago History Museum
Last Visited: 11/14/2019
Chicago IL   S3 2118         camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Christ Church Philadelphia PA 1906   camera_roll  
Christ Church Burial Ground
Last Visited: 07/22/2015
Philadelphia PA   S2 1907     camera_roll   4 queue_play_next
Christmas Story House
Last Visited: 08/02/2017
Cleveland OH 50002     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Civil War Museum Harpers Ferry WV 1882    
Civil War Tails at the Homestead
Last Visited: 06/13/2018
Gettysburg PA   S1 2021     camera_roll   1
Clarence Darrow Octagon House Kinsman OH   S2 2121     camera_roll   1
Codori House Gettysburg PA 2022    
Collingwood Art Center
Last Visited: 05/12/2019
Toledo OH   S3 1348 N/A   camera_roll   1
Colorado House - Wells Fargo San Diego CA 2009   camera_roll  
Coral Tea House San Diego CA 2012   camera_roll  
Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant San Diego CA 1999   camera_roll  
Culp's Farm Gettysburg PA 2023    
Culp's Hill Gettysburg PA 2024    
Daggett Saltbox House
Last Visited: 07/13/2022
Dearborn MI   S4 1945     camera_roll   1
Dallas Holocaust Museum Dallas TX 1269    
Damascus Cemetery Damascus OH   S3 1935 N/A   camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Daniel Lady Farm Gettysburg PA 2058    
David Putnam House Marietta OH 2090    
Dealey Plaza Dallas TX   S3 1934     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
Devil's Den Gettysburg Gettysburg PA 1921   camera_roll  
Last Visited: 10/13/2011
Anaheim CA 1899   camera_roll  
Doubleday Inn Gettysburg PA 2026    
Dr. Joseph Y. Porter House Key West FL 1962    
Dunker Church Keedysville MD 1886    
Dunkirk Lighthouse Dunkirk NY 2127   camera_roll  
East Cemetery Hill Gettysburg PA 2027    
Eastern State Penitentiary
Last Visited: 07/03/2015
Philadelphia PA   S1 1900     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
Edison and Ford's Winter Estates
Last Visited: 07/19/2006
Fort Myers FL 50000   camera_roll  
Edison Homestead
Last Visited: 07/13/2022
Dearborn MI   S4 1941     camera_roll   1
Eisenhower National Historic Site
Last Visited: 07/05/2013
Gettysburg PA   S3 1920     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
Eisenhower North Washington Street Residence
Last Visited: 07/15/2018
Gettysburg PA   S3 2028     camera_roll   1
El Fandango Restaurant San Diego CA 1837   camera_roll  
Elfreth's Alley Philadelphia PA 1903   N/A  
Engine House - Gettysburg and Northern Railroad
Last Visited: 06/29/2020
Gettysburg PA 2130    
Englewood Post Office
Last Visited: 04/14/2018
Chicago IL   S1 1979     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
Ernest Hemingway House Key West FL 1953   camera_roll  
Everett Covered Bridge
Last Visited: 09/21/2019
Peninsula OH   S4 2114     camera_roll   1
Evergreen Cemetery
Last Visited: 07/01/2022
Gettysburg PA   S3 1917     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Fair Lane
Last Visited: 07/13/2022
Dearborn MI   S4 2137 N/A   camera_roll   1
Last Visited: 04/02/2006
Mill Run PA   S1 1977     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
Farnam Manor Richfield OH 1300    
Farnsworth House Inn Gettysburg PA   S2 1313     camera_roll   6 queue_play_next
Federal Pointe Inn Gettysburg PA 2136    
Firestone Farmhouse
Last Visited: 07/13/2022
Dearborn MI   S4 1944     camera_roll   1
First Bank of the United States Philadelphia PA 1904   N/A  
First San Diego Courthouse Museum San Diego CA 2006    
First Shot Marker Gettysburg PA 2029    
Flagler College St. Augustine FL 1525    
Flight 93 National Memorial Stoystown PA   S2 1933     camera_roll   1
Ford's Theater
Last Visited: 06/18/2013
Washington DC   S2 1111     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Fort Laurens
Last Visited: 06/23/2022
Bolivar OH   S4 2129     camera_roll   1
Fort Ligonier
Last Visited: 07/22/2015
Ligonier PA   S1 1975     camera_roll   5 queue_play_next
Fort Matanzas National Monument St. Augustine FL 2124   camera_roll  
Fort Necessity National Battlefield Farmington PA   S2 2017     camera_roll   1 queue_play_next
Fort Pitt Pittsburgh PA 1367    
Fort Randolph
Last Visited: 07/08/2019
Point Pleasant WV   S2 2071     camera_roll   1
Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery San Diego CA 2004   camera_roll  
Fort Zachary Taylor
Last Visited: 07/17/2016
Key West FL   S2 1957     camera_roll   4 queue_play_next
General Braddock's Grave
Last Visited: 06/02/2019
Farmington PA   S2 1987     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
George George House Gettysburg PA 2135    
Gettysburg Beyond the Battle Museum
Last Visited: 05/27/2023
Gettysburg PA   S5 50012    
Gettysburg Catholic Church Gettysburg PA 2019    
Gettysburg Christ Lutheran Church Gettysburg PA 2020    
Gettysburg Diamond Gettysburg PA 2025    
Gettysburg Episcopal Church Gettysburg PA 2059    
Gettysburg Ghost Tours Gettysburg PA 1925    
Gettysburg Heritage Center
Last Visited: 05/27/2023
Gettysburg PA   S5 50013     camera_roll   1
Gettysburg Hotel Gettysburg PA 1919    
Gettysburg Methodist Church Gettysburg PA 2060    
Gettysburg National Cemetery
Last Visited: 05/29/2023
Gettysburg PA   S5 1327     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
Gettysburg National Military Park Gettysburg PA 1315    
Gettysburg Presbyterian Church Gettysburg PA 2046    
Gettysburg Train Station
Last Visited: 06/28/2022
Gettysburg PA   S4 2056     camera_roll   1
Giddings Family Home
Last Visited: 07/13/2022
Dearborn MI   S4 1938     camera_roll   1
Glatfelter Hall Gettysburg PA 2132    
Goldsmith House
Last Visited: 08/13/2022
Bath OH   S4 1948 N/A   camera_roll   1
Last Visited: 10/19/2008
Memphis TN   S4 1055     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Grauman's Chinese Theatre Hollywood CA   S1 1897     camera_roll   1
Grave Creek Mound Historical Site Moundsville WV 2065   camera_roll  
Greenfield Village
Last Visited: 07/13/2022
Dearborn MI   S4 50005     camera_roll   1
Greystone Mansion Beverly Hills CA 1981   camera_roll  
Haldeman Mansion Bainbridge PA 2088    
Hale Farms and Village
Last Visited: 08/13/2022
Bath OH   S4 50007     camera_roll   1
Hapers Ferry Armory and Yard Harpers Ferry WV 1972    
Hard Rock Cafe Key West Key West FL 1961    
Harmar Elementary School Marietta OH 2093    
Harmar Tavern
Last Visited: 09/13/2019
Marietta OH 2102   camera_roll  
Harmar Village Post Office Marietta OH 2097    
Harper Cemetery Harpers Ferry WV 1874   camera_roll  
Harper House Harpers Ferry WV 1877    
Harriet Taylor Upton House Warren OH   S2 1911     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
Harry S. Truman Little White House Key West FL 1958    
Harry's Seafood, Bar and Grille St. Augustine FL 1892    
Henry H. Stambaugh Auditorium Youngstown OH 1041    
Herrick House
Last Visited: 08/13/2022
Bath OH   S4 1946 N/A   camera_roll   1
Highwater Mark - The Angle Gettysburg PA 2032    
Hill View Manor New Castle PA   S1 1024     camera_roll   8 queue_play_next
Hilton Garden Inn Gettysburg Gettysburg PA 1915   camera_roll  
Historic Woodlawn Cemetery
Last Visited: 05/12/2019
Toledo OH   S3 1995     camera_roll   1
Hog Alley Harpers Ferry WV 1878   camera_roll  
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood CA 1039   camera_roll  
Hollywood Sign Hollywood CA   S2 1109     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
Hope Iron Furnance
Last Visited: 07/08/2019
New Plymouth OH   S2 2064     camera_roll   1
Horton Grand Hotel San Diego CA 1838   camera_roll  
Hotel Conneaut Conneaut Lake PA   S3 1312       camera_roll   13 queue_play_next
Hotel del Coronado Coronado CA 2005   camera_roll  
Huguenot Cemetery St. Augustine FL 1896    
Independence Hall
Last Visited: 07/02/2015
Philadelphia PA   S1 1365     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Indigo Lake Peninsula OH 2113    
J.C. Thompson Building East Liverpool OH 1329    
Jagger House
Last Visited: 08/13/2022
Bath OH   S4 1947 N/A   camera_roll   1
James A. Garfield House Mentor OH 1289   camera_roll  
James Gettys Hotel Gettysburg PA 2034    
James Madison's Montpelier Montpelier Station VA 1931    
Jefferson Jr. High School
Last Visited: 05/12/2019
Toledo OH   S3 1993 N/A   camera_roll   1
Jefferson Rock - Harpers Ferry
Last Visited: 07/13/2017
Hapers Ferry WV   S3 1873     camera_roll   1
Jennie Wade House Gettysburg PA 1019    
Jenny Wade Birth Home Gettysburg PA 2035    
John Brown Wax Museum Harpers Ferry WV 1879   camera_roll  
John Burns House Gettysburg PA 2037    
John Burns Monument Gettysburg PA 2038    
John Eisenhower Bridge Gettysburg PA 2039    
John Sachs Farmhouse Gettysburg PA 2049    
Kent State Trumbull Campus Warren OH 1051    
Kent Train Depot Kent OH 1932   camera_roll  
Key West Cemetery Key West FL 1963   camera_roll  
Key West Lighthouse Key West FL 1954   camera_roll  
Key West Shipwreck Museum Key West FL 1965   camera_roll  
Kinsman House Warren OH 1990   camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Lafayette Hotel
Last Visited: 09/14/2019
Marietta OH   S4 2103     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Lake View Cemetery - Cleveland
Last Visited: 04/05/2015
Cleveland OH 1288   camera_roll  
Lanterman's Mill Youngstown OH   S2 1008     camera_roll   5 queue_play_next
Lee's Headquarters Gettysburg PA 1924    
Leister Farm Gettysburg PA 2040    
Lemp Mansion St. Louis MO 1253   camera_roll  
Levi Barber House Marietta OH 2092    
Library of Congress - Jefferson Building
Last Visited: 07/19/2017
Washington DC   S3 1872     camera_roll   1
Lincoln Cemetery
Last Visited: 06/30/2022
Gettysburg PA 2134   camera_roll  
Lincoln Home
Last Visited: 11/09/2017
Springfield IL   S1 1974     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
Little Roundtop Gettysburg PA 2042    
Little Union Drummer Boy Gettysburg PA 2041    
Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast
Last Visited: 11/13/2015
Fall River MA   S1 1247     camera_roll   9 queue_play_next
Log Cabin Country Quilts Marietta OH 2100    
Lowe Hotel
Last Visited: 07/08/2019
Point Pleasant WV   S2 2070     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
Lucy and Desi Museum
Last Visited: 07/27/2008
Jamestown NY   S2 50008 N/A   camera_roll   1
Lucy Childhood Home
Last Visited: 07/27/2008
Jamestown NY   S2 50009     camera_roll   1
Lucy Grave Site
Last Visited: 07/27/2008
Jamestown NY   S2 50010     camera_roll   1
Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg Gettysburg PA 1923    
Madame Tussauds Hollywood Hollywood CA 1898   camera_roll  
Madison Seminary
Last Visited: 06/15/2018
Madison OH   S1 1286     camera_roll   4 queue_play_next
Mahoning Avenue Pioneer Cemetery Warren OH 2082    
Majestic Theater - Dallas Dallas TX 1332    
Major General John Sedgwick Gettysburg Gettysburg PA 2061     1
Malabar Farms Lucas OH 1292   camera_roll  
Last Visited: 11/14/2015
Fall River MA   S1 1913     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Marietta Soda Museum Marietta OH 2096    
Marrero's Guest Mansion Key West FL 1956   camera_roll  
Martello Gallery-Key West Art and Historical Museum Key West FL   S4 1955   camera_roll   1
Maumee Bay Brewing Company
Last Visited: 05/12/2019
Toledo OH 1350     camera_roll   1
McLean House
Last Visited: 07/17/2017
Appomattox VA 1912   camera_roll  
McPherson Farm Gettysburg PA 2043    
McPherson Ridge Railway Cut Gettysburg PA 1922    
Menlo Park Laboratory
Last Visited: 07/13/2022
Dearborn MI   S1 1943     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of Saint John the Baptist San Juan PR   S3 2126     camera_roll   1
Miami Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables FL 1968   camera_roll  
Miche Tavern Charlottesville VA 1884    
Mill Creek Park Youngstown
Last Visited: 09/30/2022
Youngstown OH   S2 1950     camera_roll   1
Millermore Mansion Dallas TX 1243    
Mission Hills Park
Last Visited: 11/07/2018
San Diego CA   S2 2008     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
Last Visited: 07/15/2017
Charlottesville VA   S1 1883     camera_roll   5 queue_play_next
Mormon Battalion Historic Site San Diego CA 2014   N/A  
Mothman Museum
Last Visited: 07/08/2019
Point Pleasant WV   S2 2073     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Mound Cemetery Marietta Ohio Marietta OH 2112    
Mount Vernon
Last Visited: 06/19/2013
Highway Mount Vernon VA   S2 1861     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
Mount Washington Tavern
Last Visited: 05/31/2019
Farmington PA   S2 2001     camera_roll   1
Mountainside Lodge - Potomic Grill Harpers Ferry WV 1881    
Mr G's Ice Cream Gettysburg PA 1916    
Mumma Farm and Graveyard Sharpsburg MD 1887   camera_roll   1
Museum of Science and Industry
Last Visited: 11/17/2019
Chicago IL   S3 2119     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Mutter Museum
Last Visited: 07/31/2015
Philadelphia PA   S1 1905     camera_roll   1
National Cemetery Caretaker House Gettysburg PA 2044    
National Museum of Health and Medicine
Last Visited: 07/22/2017
Silver Spring MD 50004   camera_roll   1
Newton Falls Covered Bridge Newton Falls OH   S1 1003 N/A   N/A   1
Noah Webster Home
Last Visited: 07/13/2022
Dearborn MI   S4 1937     camera_roll   1
O.C. White's Pub St. Augustine FL 1526    
Oak Grove Cemetery Fall River MA   S1 1914     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
Oak Hill Cemetery - Youngstown Youngstown OH 1314   camera_roll  
Oakland Cemetery Atlanta GA 1283    
Ocracoke Island Ocracoke NC   S1 1863     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
Ohio State Reformatory
Last Visited: 08/31/2013
Mansfield OH 1009   camera_roll   1
Ohio University Athens OH 1029    
Old Blackford County Jail
Last Visited: 06/18/2016
Hartford City IN 2128   camera_roll  
Old City Gates St. Augustine FL   S1 1890     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Old Drugstore St. Augustine FL 1893    
Old Fairport Harbor Lighthouse Fairport Harbor OH 1308   camera_roll  
Old Iron Horse Inn Harpers Ferry WV 1880   camera_roll  
Old Licking County Jail Newark OH   S4 1330     2 queue_play_next
Old Mill Museum
Last Visited: 05/12/2019
Dundee MI   S2 2002     camera_roll   1
Old Point Loma Lighthouse San Diego CA 2007   camera_roll  
Old Stagecoach Inn
Last Visited: 09/25/2014
Diamond OH   S3 1331     camera_roll   4 queue_play_next
Oldest Wooden School House St. Augustine FL 1895    
Orpheum Theater
Last Visited: 10/19/2008
Memphis TN   S1 1054     camera_roll   1
Our House Tavern Gallipolis OH 2068   camera_roll  
Parkview House Marietta OH 2104    
Peach Orchard Gettysburg PA 2045    
Pennsylvania Hall Gettysburg PA 2131    
Perkins Mansion Warren OH 2081    
Petersen House
Last Visited: 07/19/2013
Washington DC   S2 1910     camera_roll   1
Phillip Pry House
Last Visited: 07/14/2017
Keedysville MD   S4 1871     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Pico House Los Angeles CA 1085   camera_roll  
Pioneer Pavilion
Last Visited: 06/24/2022
Youngstown OH   S4 1281     camera_roll   1
Plymouth Congregational Church
Last Visited: 07/08/2016
Miami FL   S1 1969     camera_roll   1
Point Pleasant Pioneer Cemetery
Last Visited: 07/09/2019
Point Pleasant WV   S3 2075 N/A   camera_roll   1
President Garfield's Monument Cleveland OH 1014   camera_roll  
Pythian Castle - Toledo
Last Visited: 05/12/2019
Toledo OH   S3 2003 N/A   camera_roll   1
Quincy Hill Park Parkersburg WV 2076   camera_roll  
Reynold's Woods Gettysburg PA 2047    
River Town Grill Marietta OH 2110    
Riverview Cemetery Parkersburg WV 2079   camera_roll  
Robinson-Rose House San Diego CA 1839   camera_roll  
Rupp House Gettysburg PA 1926    
S.S. Eastland Disaster Location Chicago IL   S3 2125 N/A   N/A   1
Sachs Covered Bridge Gettysburg PA   S2 1279     camera_roll   4 queue_play_next
Saint Augustine Jail St. Augustine FL 1528   camera_roll  
Sarah Jordan Boarding House
Last Visited: 07/13/2022
Dearborn MI   S4 1942     camera_roll   1
Scarlett O'Hara Pub St. Augustine FL 1529    
Seminary Ridge Gettysburg PA 2051    
Senator John Heinz History Center
Last Visited: 10/12/2018
Pittsburgh PA   S2 2117     camera_roll   4 queue_play_next
Sherman-Gilbert House San Diego CA 2013   camera_roll  
Shriver House Museum Gettysburg PA 2057    
Silver Bridge Point Pleasant WV   S2 1865     camera_roll   1
SMC Cartage Company Site
Last Visited: 11/14/2019
Chicago IL   S3 1867 N/A   camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
Soldiers National Orphanage Gettysburg PA 1316    
Spaghetti Warehouse - Dallas Dallas TX 1268    
Spagna's Marietta OH 2099    
Spangler's Spring Gettysburg PA 2053    
Spanish Military Hospital
Last Visited: 07/19/2010
St. Augustine FL   S2 1001     camera_roll   5 queue_play_next
Spitzer House Bed and Breakfast Medina OH 1949    
Spread Eagle Tavern and Inn Hanoverton OH 1406    
Squire's Castle
Last Visited: 07/28/2015
Willoghby Hills OH   S1 1290         camera_roll   6 queue_play_next
St Paul's Episcopal Church and Cemetery
Last Visited: 07/19/2016
Key West FL   S1 1960     camera_roll   1
St. Augustine Lighthouse
Last Visited: 07/16/2006
St. Augustine FL   S2 1060     camera_roll   4 queue_play_next
St. Louis Union Station Hotel St. Louis MO 2120   camera_roll  
St. Peter's Church Harpers Ferry WV   S1 1875     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens Akron OH 1287    
Star of India San Diego CA 1840   camera_roll  
State Theater Point Pleasant
Last Visited: 07/18/2019
Point Pleasant WV   S2 2074 N/A   camera_roll   1
Steam Ferry Berkeley
Last Visited: 11/08/2019
San Diego CA   S2 1991     camera_roll   1
Steven's Hall Gettysburg PA 2133    
Strock Stone House Austintown OH   S2 1322     camera_roll   1
Strouds Run State Park Athens OH 2067    
Sun Studio
Last Visited: 10/19/2008
Memphis TN   S4 2095     camera_roll   1
Susquehanna Plantation
Last Visited: 07/13/2022
Dearborn MI   S4 1939     camera_roll   1
Teach's Hole Ocracoke NC   S1 1515 N/A   camera_roll   1
Texas School Book Depository Dallas TX 1163    
The Alexander Riggs House Gettysburg PA 2048    
The American Civil War Museum - Appomattox
Last Visited: 07/17/2017
Appomattox VA 1929   camera_roll  
The Anchorage Marietta OH 2089   camera_roll  
The Appomattox Confederate Cemetery
Last Visited: 07/17/2017
Appomattox VA 1930   camera_roll  
The Artist House Key West FL 1959   camera_roll  
The Bissman Building
Last Visited: 08/31/2013
Mansfield OH 1285   camera_roll  
The Blennerhassett Hotel Parkersburg WV 2078   camera_roll  
The Bosworth House Marietta OH 2098    
The Castle Marietta OH 2105    
The Christian House San Diego CA 2011   camera_roll  
The Congress Plaza Hotel and Convention Center
Last Visited: 04/13/2018
Chicago IL   S1 1980     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
The David Wills House
Last Visited: 06/28/2022
Gettysburg PA   S5 1918     camera_roll   1
The Davis-Horton House San Diego CA 2010   camera_roll  
The Dobbin House Gettysburg PA 1278    
The Gallery Marietta OH 2108    
The George Weikert Farm Gettysburg PA 2030    
The Georgian Inn Somerset PA 2116    
The Grove Gettysburg PA 2054   camera_roll  
The Hackett Hotel Marietta OH 2109    
The Henry Fearing House Museum Marietta OH 2094    
The Henry Ford Museum
Last Visited: 07/13/2022
Dearborn MI   S4 1909     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
The Higginbotham Pearlstone Building (Market-Ross Place) Dallas TX 1270    
The Hotel Lawrence Dallas TX 1264    
The Jacob Hummelbaugh Farm Gettysburg PA 2033    
The James Whitney House Marietta OH 2091    
The John and Annie Glenn Museum
Last Visited: 06/23/2022
New Concord OH   S4 2123       camera_roll   1
The Levee House
Last Visited: 09/15/2019
Marietta OH 2111   camera_roll  
The Lorraine Motel a.k.a. National Civil Rights Museum
Last Visited: 10/19/2008
Memphis TN   S2 1984     camera_roll   1
The Louis Townsend Farr House
Last Visited: 02/22/2013
Rogers OH 1321   camera_roll  
The Molly Brown House Denver CO 1729   camera_roll  
The Old Red Museum of Dallas County Dallas TX 1267    
The Peabody Hotel
Last Visited: 10/19/2008
Memphis TN   S4 1985     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
The Queen Mary
Last Visited: 10/11/2011
Long Beach CA   S1 1057     camera_roll   4 queue_play_next
The Ridges Cemetery Athens OH 2087    
The Sherfy Farm Gettysburg PA 2050    
The Stanley Hotel Estes Park CO   S1 1032     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
The Star Barn at Stone Gables Estate
Last Visited: 08/17/2019
Elizabethtown PA   S3 50001     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
The Stone House Restauraunt and Country Inn
Last Visited: 06/02/2019
Farmington PA   S2 1889     camera_roll   1
The Sullivan House Dallas TX 1265   camera_roll  
The White House Washington DC   S2 1319 N/A   camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
The Youngstown Playhouse Youngstown OH 1326    
Tillie Pierce House Inn Gettysburg PA 2055    
Toledo Yacht Club
Last Visited: 05/11/2017
Toledo OH   S3 1992     camera_roll   1
Tolomato Cemetery St. Augustine FL 1002     1
Tomb of Abraham Lincoln
Last Visited: 09/07/2017
Springfield IL   S1 1973     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Weston WV 1026   camera_roll  
Tu-Endie-Wei State Park
Last Visited: 07/08/2019
Point Pleasant WV   S2 2072     camera_roll   2 queue_play_next
Twin City Opera House McConnelsville OH 1328    
U.S. Capital Building Washington DC 1053    
U.S.S. Midway
Last Visited: 11/08/2018
San Diego CA   S3 2000         camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
USCGC Ingham (WHEC-35) Key West FL 1964   camera_roll  
Valley Forge King of Prussia PA 1902   camera_roll  
Valley of Death Gettysburg Gettysburg PA 2052    
Victorian Photography Studio Gettysburg PA 1927    
Wade Family Home Gettysburg PA 2036    
Wager House Hapers Ferry WV 1876    
Warehouse On The Canal Canal Fulton OH 1246    
West End Marketplace Dallas TX 1266    
West State Street Cemetery
Last Visited: 07/08/2019
Athens OH   S2 2069     camera_roll   1
West Toledo Branch Library
Last Visited: 05/12/2019
Toledo OH   S3 1994 N/A   camera_roll   1
West Virginia Penitentiary - Moundsville Moundsville WV   S3 1284     camera_roll   7 queue_play_next
Whaley House San Diego CA 1822   camera_roll  
Wick House at Youngstown State University Youngstown OH 1012    
Wright Family Home
Last Visited: 07/13/2022
Dearborn MI   S4 2083     camera_roll   1
Zoar Village Zoar OH   S3 1245     camera_roll   3 queue_play_next
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