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Hill View Manor

Hill View Manor paranormal

Location submitted by: jragan on 01/07/2011
DBA Approved: Y

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Hill View Manor which has played many roles over its long history. Originally built in 1925, it started as a home for the poor, where those released from prison could learn a new skill and get back on their feet.

2801 Ellwood Rd
New Castle , PA 16101
Phone: 724-657-6934
Open to the public: Yes

Lat: 40.965063
Lon: -80.303644

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History information is some background and history about the location. This is meant to be a basic summary. Below the history records you will find sources in which you can click on to find out more information. There may be multiple history records per location.

In 1925, Lawrence County commissioned the services of Architect A.L. Thayer to design a home suitable to house and care for the county's helpless, aged, chronically and mentally ill citizens. The home was to be different from the standard Poor Farm or Almshouse of that time.

After a year and a half of planning and construction, the Lawrence County Home opened it's doors in October 1926. The home was the most modern provided by any county or city in the country. The home provided separate living quarters for the men and women. The home also had a hospital, kitchen, laundry, and section for the officers and employees of the home. As well as it's own cemetery and bomb shelter.

The addition of a skilled care wing in 1976 brought the building to over 63,000 sq. ft. and the name changed to Hill View Manor. Hill View Manor continued to operate until a financial strain force the county to close Hill View Manor in February 2004. The county's hope and determination to make the home stand out above any of its kind has been fulfilled, in that today many spirits still call Hill View Manor home.

Added by: sdonley on 08/21/2012 DB#:140

Hill View Manor which has played many roles over it's long history. Originally built in 1925, it started as a home for the poor, where those released from prison could learn a new skill and get back on their feet. Later on it was changed to be a home for the elderly, where many came to spend their final days.

Added by: jragan on 01/07/2011 DB#:24


Stories are just that. Stories and personal accounts that have been reported about the location.

The current reports are of black masses in the hallway down by the boiler room where a man died after being dropped off there to sleep of a drinking binge. He didn't make it, quite possibly due to alcohol poisoning or fumes from the boiler itself.

In the basement hallway a female patient fell down the stairs and died after becoming disoriented. The basement is also full of personal effects like suitcases, pictures and letters. These are leftover from the many people who passed away while they were residents. People claim to hear an old man saying "get out" and "leave" when they go down there.

The stories continue with claims of a cafeteria worker who gets mad when people don't form a line in the dining hall. Apparently at one point the lights when off and the doors flew open. A minute later, the lights came back on and all the doors closed again. Finally, there is the roof where there are reports of two people jumping to their death. One is a doctor who apparently just couldn't take the pains and pressure of where he worked and what he had to deal with. The other is an elderly patient. Some feel the elderly man may have been pushed off.

Added by: jragan on 01/31/2011 DB#:1039

Paranormal Claims

Here are the paranormal claims for this location. These have been found through Internet research, reports from members, or reports from personal interviews. To add a claim, please contact, and we will review and add your information.

Claim # Added Added By Claim
1248 01/31/2011 jragan People have heard an old man saying "get out" or "leave" in the basement.
1247 01/31/2011 jragan Black masses and shadows have been reported in the boiler room.
1250 01/31/2011 jragan Lights in the cafeteria turn on/off by themselves.
1249 01/31/2011 jragan Doors in the cafeteria open and shut by themselves.
1587 06/05/2013 sdonley People have been reported being touched in the boiler room.
1588 06/05/2013 sdonley An investigator reported feeling dizzy and almost passing out on the steps where someone had fallen to their death.
1589 06/05/2013 sdonley In the embalming room, an investigator reported feeling as if someone put 2 needles in her head, then poured ice water down her back, then she had the taste of blood in her mouth.
1590 06/05/2013 sdonley Black masses have been reported in a utility room in the basement.
1591 06/05/2013 sdonley Several EVPs have been captured and documented by investigators.
1592 06/05/2013 sdonley On the 1st floor, east wing, double doors slammed shut and hit an investigator.
1616 08/11/2013 sdonley People have reported the feeling of being watched in the cafeteria.
1617 08/11/2013 sdonley People have reported hearing voices on the third floor.
1618 08/11/2013 sdonley People have reported hearing footsteps of people coming up to the third floor via the stairwell.
1619 08/11/2013 sdonley The sound of a walker being placed with footsteps following behind has been heard on the third floor.
1620 08/11/2013 sdonley A full bodied apparition has been reported being seen on the third floor.
1621 08/11/2013 sdonley Movement has been seen in the windows on the third floor.
1622 08/11/2013 sdonley Something has rattled the cafeteria garage door while investigators have been in the area. It was debunked that there was nothing outside at the time.
1623 08/11/2013 sdonley Investigators have been able to communicate with spirits using the KII communication test.
1624 08/11/2013 sdonley Knocks have been heard from the closed door in room 301.
1625 08/11/2013 sdonley Investigators have been able to get intelligent responses during KII communication tests in room 208 (Jeffery's room).
1626 08/11/2013 sdonley Footsteps have been recorded near room 212.
1615 08/11/2013 sdonley People have reported being touched in the cafeteria.
1614 08/11/2013 sdonley The sound of screaming has been heard in the cafeteria.
1613 08/11/2013 sdonley The apparition of a man has been seen regular on 2 East around 207 and has communicated with some of the employees.
1612 08/11/2013 sdonley The apparition of a small boy has been seen in room 208. It is reported after patients have seen them, they have died shortly thereafter.
1611 08/11/2013 sdonley At the stairwell at the end of 1 North, a dog would not enter the stairwell.
1610 08/11/2013 sdonley Sound of a heart monitor have been heard on 1 North.
1609 08/11/2013 sdonley Footsteps have been heard walking down the hallway in 1 North.
1608 08/11/2013 sdonley By Room 129 a full bodied apparition and shadow figures have been seen.
1607 08/11/2013 sdonley Shadows have been seen peeking out the doors of 1 North.
1606 08/11/2013 sdonley Voices of on the first floor have been heard in a funny voice, and then disappears.
1605 08/11/2013 sdonley Reflections in the front doors have been seen on the security camera videos.

Paranormal Evidence

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CLAIM #: 1248 - People have heard an old man saying "get out" or "leave" in the basement.

Evidence Type: Log or Text
Encounter Type: EVP
Hauting Type: Unknown
Investigation Status: More Investigation Needed
Investigation Summary by Ghost Adventurers
Submitted By: jragan On: 01/31/2011
DBA Approved: Y

Additional Resources

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New Castle News Article
Added: 08/12/2013 By: sdonley
News Castle News Article dated October 23, 1925 explaining the new facility.

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