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Robinson-Rose House

Robinson-Rose House paranormal

Photo by: Marianne Donley
Location submitted by: sdonley on 02/19/2015
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Reconstructed adobe home of James W. Robinson located in Old Town San Diego.

4098 Mason St
San Diego , CA 92110
Phone: 619-220-5422
Open to the public: Yes

Lat: 32.754600
Lon: -117.196040

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James W. Robinson came to San Diego from Texas in the spring of 1850 with his wife Sarah. Over the ensuing seven years, he was involved in almost every aspect of the town's development. Thoroughly familiar with American and Mexican law, Robinson developed quite a successful law practice as well as being a respected investor, promoter, and trustee of the school board. In 1853, he built this grand house on the plaza as a residence and law office. The first floor was made of adobe, while the second floor was wood framed. Oddly, the first floor was painted and plastered to look like wood siding while the second floor was painted to look like adobe. Over time, the building served as law and medical offices, jail cell, schoolroom, newspaper office, store, residential apartments, and the County Clerk's office.

In 1868, Robinson's then-widow sold the property to long time Old Town resident Louis Rose, a German Jewish entrepreneur, for $10,000 in gold coins. Sometime around 1900, the house had been demolished. California State Park reconstructed the existing replica in 1989. It serves as the park's visitor information center and includes a diorama of Old Town San Diego as it would likely have been in 1872, which was built by Joseph Toigo.

James Robinson
Photo of James W. Robinson

Added by: sdonley on 07/28/2019 DB#:426


Stories are just that. Stories and personal accounts that have been reported about the location.

Though we don't know for sure who is haunting the place, several entities love the new abode. Because it is an exact copy of Robinson's abode, perhaps Judge Robinson and Sarah have moved back in, reliving all the good times they had together in their beloved house, before the Judge became ill.

Or the entities could be tied to other abodes built on the site, or perhaps entities while alive who occupied the businesses and offices also located in the abode.

Several different apparitions have appeared before park employees and tourists. Some are seen as cloud-like vapors while others look like people, dressed in 18th century attire.

A clear apparition of a man dressed in an 18th century shirt and tie can be seen in one of the upstairs rooms, going about his business when the place is quiet and not open.

The entities who reside here like to play with the electrical conveniences, like lights, and enjoy an unauthorized ride up and down the elevator on occasion.

Footsteps made by a large man can be heard upstairs.

Women's hair has been tugged at and played with playfully.

Added by: sdonley on 07/28/2019 DB#:1424

Witnesses say the ghosts that live here occasionally show up as apparitions or cloudy mists, and they also may tinker with lights and pull at women’s hair. Footsteps also have been heard and the elevator has been known to operate by itself.

Added by: sdonley on 07/28/2019 DB#:1425

Paranormal Claims

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2869 07/28/2019 sdonley People have reported seeing several different apparitions throughout the building.
2870 07/28/2019 sdonley People have reported seeing cloudy mists.
2871 07/28/2019 sdonley Lights flickering and electrical issues have been reported.
2872 07/28/2019 sdonley Women's hair have been pulled.
2873 07/28/2019 sdonley The elevator has operated by itself.
2874 07/28/2019 sdonley People have heard footsteps upstairs when nobody was up there.

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Added: 02/19/2015 By: sdonley
Find the haunted Robinson Rose House at
Information about the Building
Added: 07/28/2019 By: sdonley
Brochure about the building.
Added: 07/28/2019 By: sdonley
Information about this location.
Robinson-Rose House, San Diego
Added: 07/28/2019 By: sdonley
Robinson-Rose House in San Diego, USA - sight map, attraction information, photo and list of walking tours containing this attraction. Get offline map and directions using our GPSmyCity self-guided walking tours app for your mobile device.
The Robinson-Rose House Old Town San Diego
Added: 07/28/2019 By: sdonley
The building now serves not only as park headquarters, but also houses the ghost of at least one of the original residents. This building was constructed on the site of the foundation of the original house.
Robinson Rose House, San Diego | Roadtrippers
Added: 07/28/2019 By: sdonley
Robinson Rose House is an Other Historical spot in San Diego. Plan your road trip to Robinson Rose House in CA with Roadtrippers. | Robinson - Rose House
Added: 07/28/2019 By: sdonley
Replica of 1853 house burned in 1874 reconstructed in 1989
Added: 07/28/2019 By: sdonley
Facebook page for this location.
Added: 07/28/2019 By: sdonley
Information about the haunting.
Haunted San Diego
Added: 07/28/2019 By: sdonley
Mentions this location.
Robinson Rose House - Weird California
Added: 07/28/2019 By: sdonley
Mentions the haunting at this location.

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