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Giddings Family Home

Giddings Family Home paranormal

Photo by: Marianne Donley
Location submitted by: sdonley on 08/03/2017
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John Giddings was a merchant who earned a good living in the West Indies trade

Maple Lane
Dearborn , MI 48124
Open to the public: Yes

Lat: 42.3047156
Lon: -83.22369789999999

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John Giddings was a merchant who earned a good living in the West Indies trade. Giddings lived here with his wife and five children. He built this grand house in 1751 in Exeter, New Hampshire. Its plan was typical of upscale New England houses of its time, with a multi-purpose hall and parlor on the first floor and two bedrooms above.

Added by: sdonley on 07/31/2019 DB#:464


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This former home of New Hampshire's first Secretary of State was originally built by John Giddings in Exeter, New Hampshire in 1751. Giddings was a prosperous merchant and shipbuilder who lived there with his wife, Mehetable, and their five children: Mary, Dorothy, Deborah, John, and Metetable. On December 22, 1790, it became the home of New Hampshire's first Secretary of State, Joseph Pearson, who, inside this house, married Captain Gidding's daughter, Dorothy, in April of 1795.

In 1929 Henry Ford's architect, Ed Cutler, found this beautiful example of a New England colonial home, though there had been numerous additions added years after its original construction. The house, brought to the Village in carefully numbered pieces in 1929, lay in a pile in the Village during the dedication ceremony, but was up by the summer of 1930. By studying its layout, Cutler restored it to what he believed to be its earliest condition, which included a secret staircase leading to the attic (this was also included in its Greenfield Village restoration).

A house with this much history must certainly have some paranormal activity. From what I've heard, it does...

"I was a presenter for five years then transferred to security and worked nights. The village takes on a whole new dimension at night. Doing driving patrols I stopped at Giddings to use the bathroom, which is located in the back. I walked inside and heard people talking but couldn't make out the conversation; I thought it was the voice recorder that tells the history of the home. It wasn't.

I looked around and saw no one but felt a chill, and then I heard someone talking again. As I was leaving I then heard a voice clearly say, "He's leaving now," and the full conversation started up once again. It was weird and spooky. No doubt the place is haunted."

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2953 07/31/2019 sdonley Strange conversations can be heard at night when nobody is around.

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Greenfield Village
Added: 07/31/2019 By: sdonley
Information about the entire village.

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