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The Youngstown Playhouse

The Youngstown Playhouse paranormal

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Location submitted by: sdonley on 03/31/2014
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The Youngstown Playhouse traces its origins to February 16, 1927, when several local drama organizations formed a single organization called the Youngstown Players.

600 Playhouse Lane
Youngstown , OH 44511
Open to the public: Yes


Lat: 41.079427
Lon: -80.67386299999998

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Early years

The Youngstown Playhouse traces its origins to February 16, 1927, when several local drama organizations formed a single organization called the Youngstown Players. With the support of local civic leaders, the group eventually secured its own building. The Youngstown Playhouse was initially housed in a renovated 19th-century barn. In 1940, supporters of the Playhouse raised $30,000 to build a new facility. Instead, the money was used to renovate a vacant movie house for live theater. Two years later, the Playhouse christened its new location with a production of "Camille of Roaring Camp".

Transformation During World War II, the Youngstown Playhouse raised its artistic standards considerably. Under the artistic direction of Broadway director Arthur Sircom, the Playhouse became known as a training ground for professional actors. Local theatrical figures who gained experience at the Youngstown Playhouse included the late dramatic screen actress Elizabeth Hartman. In 1959, the Playhouse moved to a new two-theater building on Glenwood Avenue.


Believed by some observers to be the oldest continuously operating community theater in the country, the Youngstown Playhouse was the only community theater in Ohio to receive major institutional support from the Ohio Arts Council. In October 2008, after financial problems caused by mismanagement, the Playhouse closed its doors temporarily. The playhouse removed the management, and changed the structure of the organization to board governed / volunteer run. The playhouse continues to produce shows to date.


Currently, the Youngstown Playhouse is managed by Executive Director, Mary Ruth Lynn.

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1769 03/31/2014 sdonley People have reported an overall creepy feeling when entering the playhouse.
1770 03/31/2014 sdonley Unexplained noises have been reported.
1771 03/31/2014 sdonley Things have mysteriously moved on their own.
1772 03/31/2014 sdonley People have reported feeling cold spots.
1773 03/31/2014 sdonley People have reported strange whispering sounds.
1774 03/31/2014 sdonley People have reported hearing ghostly music.
1775 03/31/2014 sdonley People have reported seeing a shadow figure sitting in the balcony during rehearsals and performances.
1776 03/31/2014 sdonley Stagehands and actors have reported seeing a face in the light booth above the balcony.
1777 03/31/2014 sdonley A security guard reported the feeling that someone is watching you.
1778 03/31/2014 sdonley The security guard reported that the ghost followed him home and he felt knees in the back of his car seat.

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