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Gettysburg Train Station

Gettysburg Train Station paranormal

Photo by: Marianne Donley
Location submitted by: sdonley on 06/11/2019
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The stately Gettysburg Lincoln Railroad Station stands tall over downtown Gettysburg to tell the stories of a prosperous town ravaged by war and raised by the determination of its citizens.

35 Carlisle Street
Gettysburg , PA 17325
Phone: 717-338-1243
Open to the public: Yes


Lat: 39.831870
Lon: -77.231330

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The Gettysburg Lincoln Railroad Station, also known as the "Gettysburg Train Station," "Lincoln Train Station" or "Western Maryland Railroad Station," is a historic train station with depot, platform, museum and offices on Carlisle Street in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Operable from 1858 to 1942, it contributes to the Gettysburg Battlefield Historic District and is most notable as President Abraham Lincoln's point of arrival on November 18, 1863 and departure, following delivery of the Gettysburg Address. The station served as both a hospital during the battle and hub for outgoing wounded soldiers and incoming resources and supplies following the end of the war. On 2015, following several years of delays, the station, which was originally owned by the Borough of Gettysburg but was bought by the Gettysburg Foundation, the non-profit partner to the National Park Service, was placed under the purview of the National Park Service.

After an uncompleted 1830s plan for a railroad through Gettysburg, on December 1, 1858, the Gettysburg Railroad line was completed from the east to Gettysburg with a reception for railroad dignitaries held several days later at "a large and recently furnished building near the depot" (the depot was being built on 0.4 acres (0.16 ha) purchased from George W McClellan in the summer). The Gettysburg Railroad Company had contracted for Passenger Depot construction on September 18, 1858 for "the Corner of Carlisle and Railroad street"; and on January 10, 1859, the stockholders resolved to hold their future meetings "in the office [of] their Passenger Depot".

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Heroine of the station

As the Confederate forces approached the town the depot's telegrapher, the adopted young daughter of a "Mr. (Brown) Lee in Washington county, Pa.", evacuated the station on the at the beginning of the battle and "took the machine from the operating table [and] connected the wires so as to preserve the circuit intact and carried the instrument to Cemetery Hill" where, after instructing soldiers how to connect to the wires (e.g., along the Baltimore Pike), she used the key to relay Union Army information. The girl remained during the duration of the battle, even when the soldiers around her were felled by bullets and shells. Following the end of the battle, she packed up the machine and returned to the station to resume her work. Her name was unknown during and after the battle and a news article 30 years later attempted to identify the young girl.

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2818 07/24/2019 sdonley People have reported taking a photograph of a young woman in one of the upper windows of the building.

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Abraham Lincoln at the Gettysburg Railroad Station
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