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Kinsman House

Kinsman House paranormal

Photo by: Marianne Donley
Location submitted by: sdonley on 02/12/2018
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The former home of Judge Frederick Kinsman. The house started to be built in 1832, and as finished by 1834. By master mason Isaac Ladd.

303 Mahoning Avenue
Warren , OH 44483
Phone: 330-372-0237
Open to the public: Yes

Lat: 41.2389875
Lon: -80.82212830000003

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The house started to be built in 1832, and as finished by 1834. By master mason Isaac Ladd. The house was valued at $1,572.00 in 1835. In 1846 there was an addition added to the house, then in the 1860s another addition was added. James A. Garfield was known to visit the house often during his congressional years. He got support from Kinsman and other Trumbull Co. residents in his election to congress in 1863. The house is also thought of as a stop on the underground railroad. In the basement a bricked up dome area is believed to have been passage to a tunnel that led to the Mahoning river. It was built as a wedding gift to Frederick Kinsman and his marriage to his cousin Olive Douglas Perkins on February 1, 1832. By her father Simon Perkins. Frederick & Olive had 3 children together. Nancy 11/14/1832 - 1/7/1833 Thomas 1/11/1835 - 4/25/1836. Olive 9/10/1837 - 7/20/1838 as you can see all the children passed as infants .

Olive passed 9/13/1838 she was 29 when she died. I haven't had any success with finding her cause of death for her, as well as the children. Frederick worked with his uncle/father-in-law Simon Perkins at The Connecticut Land Company. The office right next to the Kinsman house. Frederick remarried to Cornelia Peace 3/25/1840. Together they had 5 sons Frederick, John, Thomas, Charles, & Henry .Henry was the youngest and the first of his siblings to pass in 1889. Whom was not 30.

Cornelia Peace Kinsman was a relative of President U.S. Grant. The president and his father Jesse Grant also came to visit this home. Frederick Jr. and John both served in the Union Army and during the Civil War. There was a care taker that was their at the house , Greely Thoms. Whom took care of the property and gardens for many years. Thomas eventually was the last of the family to live here.

The house had stayed in the family until it was donated to Hiram College in 1932, by a surviving daughter-in-law Emily Kinsman the house was deeded to Hiram college by 1934. To help Dana School of music. So they could be affiliated with an accredited college. This was during the time of the great depression. Enrollments weren't being met. By 1938 the house was sold to Trumbull Co. For $26,500. It was then used as a court house annex to house various county offices during the next three decades. Including the county Board of Education. And the county superintendent of schools.

Today the house is being maintained by The Warren Heritage Center. As a historical museum.

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Melanie Vincent - RIP Paranormal

Built in 1833 by Frederick Kinsman. Had a basement and 2 stories. A brick addition to the North was Built in 1846, replacing the former kitchen wing. A frame addition providing a wood shed and 3 servant rooms was added and 1860. The building is of early colonial type of architecture. The main portion in the 1st edition is a brick. Hand wrought iron railings, and important florentin class, sidelights and transform of front door adorn the building.

The gardens were the most beautiful in Warren.

Frederick Kinsman was born March 4th, 1807. He attended Plainsfield Academy, and was engaged in business with his Uncle Samuel Perkins in the Connecticut Land Company, until elected judge and 1845.

He had attended the National Republic convention as a delegate in 1864. President Garfield was a frequent visitor at the Kinsman home, and was assisted in his political career by said, Frederick Kinsman.

The building was deeded to Hiram college by Mrs. Thomas Kinsman, heir of Mr. Frederick kinsmen.

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On a more haunting note. The house was built on The Perkins farm land. Simon and his wife Nancy Anna Bishop Perkins together they had 9 children. There are no living descendants today. He worked for the Connecticut Land Co.

In 1807 he established a mail route to Detroit by negotiations with native American Tribes. In 1808 Perkins became a brigadier general in the Ohio militia. In the war of 1812, he defended northwestern portion of Ohio from native American and British attack after General Hulls surrender of Detroit in the fall of 1812. He commanded. Approximately 400 men.

Obviously he wasn't a friend of the Native Americans so in my opinion I think Simon Perkins was cursed. Not only does he not have any living descendant today. But from my research I have found that most of the residences held by a Perkins's has paranormal claims. For example Henry Bishop Perkins house ( City Hall) . The Upton House was once a Perkins farm house. The Kinsman house and The Stone Mansion in Akron. All have paranormal claims to them. I can attest to there being activity in the Kinsman House.

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Melanie Vincent - RIP Paranormal

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2743 02/13/2018 sdonley Electronic voice phenomenons - EVPs have been recorded throughout the house and grounds.
2744 02/13/2018 sdonley Shadow figures have been seen through out the house.

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Warren Heritage Center
Added: 02/12/2018 By: sdonley
Facebook and website for this location.
File:Judge Frederick Kinsman House.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Added: 02/12/2018 By: sdonley
1936 Photograph for this location.
Kinsman House opens doors to public |
Added: 02/12/2018 By: sdonley
While the open house was going on, a teenage boy from Champion decided to help out with projects inside the house.
Kinsman House - Warren, Ohio | The Judge Frederick Kinsman H… | Flickr
Added: 02/12/2018 By: sdonley
(2012 Photos) The Judge Frederick Kinsman House, located at 303 Mahoning Avenue in Warren, Ohio. Built in 1833, it is owned by Hiram College and is a part of the Mahoning Avenue Historic District, a historic district that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Kinsman House facelift finished | News, Sports, Jobs - Tribune Chronicle
Added: 02/13/2018 By: sdonley
Article about restoration.
Judge Frederick Kinsman House, 303 Mahoning Avenue, Warren, Trumbull County, OH | Library of Congress
Added: 02/13/2018 By: sdonley
Library of Congress records.
Warren Heritage Center, , OH - Historic Downtowns | Ohio. Find it here.
Added: 02/13/2018 By: sdonley
The historic Kinsman House, which was built in 1832 by General Simon Perkins as a wedding gift for his daughter Olive Douglas Perkins and her husband, Frederick Kinsman, today serves as the home of the Warren Heritage Center. The brick structure features an original full-width veranda with two-story columns. The interior contains white marble fireplaces, a black walnut staircase and woodwork and arched doorways. Imported Florentine glass in the side lights and transom of the front door adorn the house.
Kinsman House, Mahoning Avenue, Warren, Ohio.
Added: 02/13/2018 By: sdonley
Trumbull Memory Project
Added: 02/13/2018 By: sdonley
Located along Millionaires Row in historic downtown Warren, this Greek Revival mansion is included on the National Historic Registry and features white marble mantles and black walnut staircase, woodwork and arched doorways.

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