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Mill Creek Park Youngstown

Mill Creek Park Youngstown paranormal

Photo by: Marianne Donley
Location submitted by: sdonley on 08/03/2017
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Mill Creek Park was established in 1891 by Volney Rogers as the first park district in Ohio.

Youngstown , OH 44509
Phone: (330) 702-3000
Open to the public: Yes

Lat: 41.1098785
Lon: -80.69371769999998

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Mill Creek Park was established in 1891 by Volney Rogers as the first park district in Ohio. Mill Creek Park is the largest area of the MetroParks encompassing over 2,658 acres of the MetroParks' 4,500+ acres. Recreation opportunities include hiking, biking, boating, fishing, golf, tennis, volleyball, picnicking, cross country skiing, sledding, and much more. Mill Creek Park offers 20 miles of drives and 45 miles of trails.

Mill Creek flows through the Park in a northerly direction supplying water to three lakes. Mill Creek Park extends along the Mill Creek Valley from Western Reserve Road to the confluence of Mill Creek and the Mahoning River.

The northern section of Mill Creek Park includes Lanterman's Falls and the Mill Creek Gorge. This area offers breathtaking views with its cascading waters, steep hillsides beautifully covered with deciduous and evergreen trees, bold sandstone outcroppings, and numerous grass-covered meadows. South of the gorge the land is rolling and partly wooded.

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Volney Rogers (1846-1919), a remarkable visionary, believed that land itself could improve the lives of Youngstown citizens by providing a healthful alternative to the rapidly industrializing city. After exploration of an area on horseback and by foot, Volney knew that the land bordering Mill Creek with its hemlock-laced gorge, breathtaking falls, and magnificent vistas would need to be protected from industrial development. His dream was to open a parcel of 400 acres to the people, enhancing the land and the lives of those who would visit there, partaking of nature's healing ways. Rogers wanted to share his discovery and preserve it for all future wanderers.

Volney Rogers was instrumental in writing the legislation for creating a park district in Ohio. Approved by voters in April 1891, Youngstown Township Park District (Mill Creek Park) became the first park district in Ohio.

A committee was formed to honor Volney Rogers for his efforts in creating, planning, and protecting Mill Creek Park. The plan was to have a statue erected in his likeness, and sculptor Frederick C. Hibbard was commissioned for the project. In February 1919, Volney left for a tour of the west. While in Colorado, he visited a site that resembled the Mill Creek Gorge and was caught in a surprise blizzard. He contracted a serious cold that led to pneumonia and his death on December 3, 1919, at the age of 73. Volney Rogers is buried at Tod Cemetery in Youngstown, Ohio.

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Mill creek park, Youngstown. Lots of reports of ghosts and orbs in the forest. Witches cave. That scrappy silver bridge is said to have a woman show up at night.

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Ghostly figures and orbs have been spotted in the park at night. There have reportedly been numerous drownings in the lakes and a number of fatal car accidents near the site.

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2829 07/27/2019 sdonley Strange lights and orbs have been spotted and photographed throughout the park.
2830 07/27/2019 sdonley The apparition of a women has been reported at the sliver bridge in the middle of the park.

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