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The Hotel Lawrence

The Hotel Lawrence paranormal

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Location submitted by: sdonley on 11/05/2012
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Located at 302 South Houston Street (on the corner of Houston and Jackson) in Dallas, Texas, the Hotel Lawrence was initially opened in October 1925 as the Scott Hotel by a hotelier named George C. Scott.

302 South Houston Street
Dallas , TX 75202
Phone: 877-396-0334
Open to the public: Yes

Lat: 32.7772507
Lon: -96.80711610000003

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History information is some background and history about the location. This is meant to be a basic summary. Below the history records you will find sources in which you can click on to find out more information. There may be multiple history records per location.

Located at 302 South Houston Street (on the corner of Houston and Jackson) in Dallas, Texas, the Hotel Lawrence was initially opened in October 1925 as the Scott Hotel by a hotelier named George C. Scott (who also was the owner of hotels in Houston and Waco). With 160 rooms originally, the ten-story edifice chiefly served the lodging needs of train passengers who stopped across the street at Union Station. The historic Lawrence is adjacent to the West End District, across Houston street from Union Station, across Jackson Street from the George L. Allen Sr. Courts Building, and three blocks from the Dallas School Book Depository and Kennedy Sixth Floor Museum. Besides accommodations for travelers, the establishment for decades has also been claimed to be the haunt of others disinclined to move on.

The name and ownership of this downtown hostelry has changed many times over the years. It became the Hotel Lawrence in the late 1930's. By the mid-1970's the building had deteriorated to a point that the city considered its potential as a minimum-security jail; however, a resurgence of the economy for the vicinity brought new ownership and renovations. The Kerr Companies of Minneapolis, Minnesota, purchased the hotel and reopened it in February 1981 as the Bradford. The Edward J. Safdie Group next purchased the hotel and completed further renovations in time for the 1984 Republican National Convention. Dallas Hotel Associates bought the establishment and changed the name to the Paramount. In October 2000, Big D Hotel Associates of Annapolis, Maryland, purchased the hotel, initiated a $4 million makeover, and on September 1, 2001, re-dubbed the concern the Hotel Lawrence.

Containing 118 guest rooms and suits, the Lawrence is touted as a European-style boutique hotel. While room furnishings are contemporary there is an art deco feel to the overall decor of the hotel.

Added by: sdonley on 02/01/2015 DB#:209


Stories are just that. Stories and personal accounts that have been reported about the location.

At least three ghosts (a woman, a murder victim, and a gambler) are believed to haunt the Hotel Lawrence. The large number of odd occurrences reported through the years, however, would seem to indicate the presence of several. Four deaths due to accident or violence are said to have occurred on the premises, and some or all of these unfortunate individuals may be the spirits whose forms or actions have been witnessed. The common denominator in all of these deaths has been the tenth floor.

A man alleged to have been a congressman is said to have resided on the tenth floor before his death by suicide at the hotel. Stories also tell of a man named Jack "Smiley" Jackson who was murdered in room number 1009 (some renditions of the tale say 807). It is said that unless you ask politely or address him by name (for example,"Move over, Smiley!") he will not allow you to enter the room. A later murder happened in the same room, when the throat of a man named Brookshire was slit. In the 1940's a woman either jumped or fell from a window on the tenth floor.

Laundry carts have been said to move "by themselves" in the hotel basement, where also doors seem to open and close unaided by mortal hands. Footsteps as though made by high-heel shoes are reportedly heard in the hotel lobby late at night. It is said that the staff often receives calls from rooms in which no guests are staying, and the cleaning staff has claimed that their cleaning materials go missing. During the 1920's and '30's a gambling casino was housed within the hotel on the second floor. There the apparition of a dapper gentleman in clothing of that era is sometimes seen walking in the hallways. Cold spots, disembodied voices, and feelings of being watched have been frequently experienced by guests and staff. In rooms and hallways of the tenth floor patrons have seen shadows and heard crying.

Though situated ideally to accommodate convention-goers and historians, the Hotel Lawrence is an interesting tourist destination in itself. Would you consider a room on the tenth floor?

Added by: sdonley on 02/01/2015 DB#:1161

There have been numerous reports of strange goings on at the Hotel Lawrence, which has led many to believe the hotel is in fact harboring several more ghosts than originally thought.

3 of the ghosts are thought to be a woman, a murder victim, and a gambler. Could these be the spirits of the people that lost their lives here? What's strange is, the people who did lose their lives, all did so on the tenth floor! In room no. 1009, Jack "Smiley" Jackson was reportedly murdered. He supposedly holds the door shut, until you ask him to politely move out of the way! Another murder occurred in this same room, when a man named Mr. Brookshire was found with his throat cut.

A woman reportedly fell to her death, or was pushed from the 10th floor. A congressman committed suicide during his stay here on the 10th floor also!

In room 1009 a guest reportedly experienced what felt like a towel wrapped around their neck. Could this be something to do with the death of Mr. Brookshire? Also on the tenth floor, guests have reported seeing shadows in the hallway and rooms, and also the sound off crying.

During the Hotel Lawrence's fledgling years, a casino resided on the 2nd floor. It is here where the apparition of sombre looking gentleman has been on several occasions, wandering through the hallways. Maybe he is down on his luck, trying to recoup some of the money he's lost?

In the dead of night, disembodied footsteps can be hard crossing the lobby of the hotel, as if in high heels. In the basement, laundry carts have been known to be pushed by unseen hands, and doors have been witnessed opening and closing by themselves. Voices within the same room have been reported, the feeling of being watched, and sudden cold spots are often felt.

There are a number of reports throughout the hotel, but the tenth floor does seem to have the majority of them. If you want to stay at the Hotel Lawrence and experience something, the tenth floor seems to be the place to be!

Added by: sdonley on 02/01/2015 DB#:1162

Paranormal Claims

Here are the paranormal claims for this location. These have been found through Internet research, reports from members, or reports from personal interviews. To add a claim, please contact, and we will review and add your information.

Claim # Added Added By Claim
1941 02/01/2015 sdonley Laundry carts have been said to move "by themselves" in the hotel basement.
1942 02/01/2015 sdonley Doors seem to open and close unaided by people.
1943 02/01/2015 sdonley Footsteps of someone in high-heel shoes re reported to be heard in the hotel lobby late at night.
1944 02/01/2015 sdonley The staff often receives calls form rooms in which no guests are staying.
1945 02/01/2015 sdonley Cleaning staff have claimed that their cleaning materials go missing.
1946 02/01/2015 sdonley The apparition of a dapper gentleman in period clothing has been seen walking the hallways of the second floor.
1947 02/01/2015 sdonley Cold spots have been felt throughout the building.
1948 02/01/2015 sdonley Disembodied voices have been heard and recorded.
1949 02/01/2015 sdonley Guests and staff have reported the feelings of being watched.
1950 02/01/2015 sdonley Patrons have seen shadows on the tenth floor.
1951 02/01/2015 sdonley Patrons have heard crying on the tenth floor.
1952 02/01/2015 sdonley In room 1009, a guest reportedly experienced what felt like a towel wrapped around their neck.

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