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Hotel Conneaut

Hotel Conneaut paranormal

Photo by: Marianne Donley
Location submitted by: sdonley on 12/15/2013
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Conneaut Lake Park was founded in 1892 as Exposition Park by Col. Frank Mantor as a permanent fairground and exposition for livestock, machinery, and industrial products from Western Pennsylvania.

12241 Lake Street
Conneaut Lake , PA 16316
Phone: 814-213-0120
Open to the public: Yes

Lat: 41.6205969
Lon: -80.29525590000003

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Conneaut Lake Park was founded in 1892 as Exposition Park by Col. Frank Mantor as a permanent fairground and exposition for livestock, machinery, and industrial products from Western Pennsylvania. Prior to this time, 7 acres of land on which the park is located were purchased in 1877 by Aaron Lynce for use as a boat landing. Col. Mantor's company, the Conneaut Lake Exposition Company, purchased an additional 175 acres of adjacent land, 75 of which were given to Mr. Lynce as payment for his parcel.

During its early years, buildings at Exposition Park included a dance hall, a convention hall (for lectures), and a bathhouse. Several of the structures from Lynce's landing were also retained as well as a farmhouse on the property that was converted to a hotel. The park's first mechanical ride, a carousel, opened in 1899, and was soon joined by other rides and a midway.

Ownership of the park transferred to the Pittsburgh & Shenango Valley Railroad in 1901, during which time several hotels were built on the property. Originally accessible only by boat or train, trolley service was extended to the park in 1907. With its lakefront presence, hotels, and remote location, the park became a popular resort destination. Although many of the park's original buildings were lost in a 1908 fire, new concrete block replacements were constructed, including the Dreamland Ballroom.

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The Hotel Conneaut, called "The Crown Jewel of Lake Conneaut" in Crawford County, dates back to 1903. It features 150 rooms, old time, turn-of-the-century ambiance, and as to be expected by its vintage, some long-time guests who checked in but never checked out.

The most famous apparition is Bride Elizabeth. Her and her guy were honeymooning at the Hotel on April 27, 1943, when a terrible fire occurred. Lightning struck the hotel's wooden roof during a thunderstorm, and it burst into flame.

Legend has it that her hubby, thinking Elizabeth had already escaped, fled the building to find her. But Elizabeth was still inside the hotel desperately searching for her husband and quickly became trapped by the flames and perished. (or maybe she looking for the fire escape at the end of the hall. She hasn't told us yet.)

They were in room 321, and she's said to mainly wander in the hallway of third floor, still in her wedding gown, trailing a phantom scent of jasmine while softly sobbing. The room itself is the site of orbs, whispered conversation, messed up linens, water that runs for no reason and windows that open by themselves.

Elizabeth doesn't limit herself to the third floor, though - she's been reported all over the hotel and even in the adjoining amusement park. Those whispered voices have been heard all over the building, allegedly the otherworldly playback of the last conversations between Elizabeth and her husband.

She's become so famous that the hotel restaurant/bar is called Elizabeth's Dining Room & Spirit Lounge in her honor (heck, she's even mentioned in Wikipedia!), and her "ghost book" is prominent in the hotel lobby.

But she shares the space with a bevy of spooks. There's lore regarding an old chef who dismembered a butcher in the kitchen. A spectral couple can be seen dancing in the first floor Grand Ballroom. A soldier has been spotted in a tree on the Hotel lot. The spirit of a former hotel employee, John, may join you in the lobby.

And there are tales of little Angelina, a child who legend claims died long ago when her tricycle either tumbled down a flight of stairs or off the hotel balcony. She now rides her trike on the porch of the Hotel, crashing into people. Angelina has also been spotted in the halls, looking for a playmate.

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1890 01/30/2015 lmizenko The smell of Jasmine perfume.
1891 01/30/2015 lmizenko Whispered conversations.
1892 01/30/2015 lmizenko Apparition of a child on a tricycle.
1893 01/30/2015 lmizenko Apparition of Elizabeth "the Bride".

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Conneaut Lake Park
Added: 06/09/2022 By: sdonley
Conneaut Lake Park /ˈkɒniˌɔːt/ is a summer resort and amusement park, located in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, United States.
The Hotel Conneaut | In Conneaut Lake Park | NWPA
Added: 06/09/2022 By: sdonley
Announcement 2 About Hotel Conneaut Click here for information about The Hotel Conneaut.
Main Museum
Added: 06/09/2022 By: sdonley
The Conneaut Lake Area Historical Society Museum is located at 150 N. Third St., Conneaut Lake, Pa., 16316. It is located in the former community hall and includes hundreds of exhibits in the main room as well as a lobby with exhibits featuring our ice house industry and agricultural industry.
Ghosts Among Us: True Stories of Spirit Encounters
Added: 06/09/2022 By: sdonley
Presents accounts of mysterious happenings, paranormal events, and strange sightings of unknown persons at locations across the country.
7 Peculiar Tales from Conneaut Lake
Added: 06/09/2022 By: sdonley
With summer now if full swing, many area residents and vacationers have already made their way to Conneaut Lake to enjoy the many activities the lake has to offer or to revisit the nostalgia and fun found at the park.
Conneaut Lake Revitalization
Added: 06/09/2022 By: sdonley
Conneaut Lake is the largest natural lake in Pennsylvania. It was created approximately twelve thousand years ago by glacial ice which geological experts believe may have been as much as a mile thick. Conneaut Lake spans 929 acres.
Natural and Social Histories of Conneaut Lake
Added: 06/09/2022 By: sdonley
The history of Conneaut Lake as we know it today has been influenced by intersecting geological processes and human interactions, Formed over 10,000 years ago by retreating glaciers, this kettle lake, a large depression left behind by the glaciers, is currently fed by waters from surrounding springs
Welcome to the Conneaut Lake Historical Society
Added: 06/09/2022 By: sdonley
Hotel Conneaut
Added: 06/09/2022 By: sdonley
The Hotel Conneaut, called "The Crown Jewel of Lake Conneaut" in Crawford County, dates back to 1903. It features 150 rooms, old time, turn-of-the-century ambiance, and as to be expected by its vintage, some long-time guests who checked in but never checked out.
Blue Streak (Conneaut Lake)
Added: 06/09/2022 By: sdonley
The Blue Streak was a wooden roller coaster built in 1937 at Conneaut Lake Park in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania. It was the only wooden coaster operating in the park, as well as the largest. The Blue Streak followed an out and back design.
Blue Streak remembered
Added: 06/09/2022 By: sdonley
The Blue Streak roller coaster now may lie broken into pieces on the grounds of Conneaut Lake Park, but it continues to live on in the memories of those who enjoyed it and the park. The Blue Streak was the first roller coaster that Gary Gault rode in the late 1980s when he was about age 9 or 10.

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