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Ohio Ghost Story - Ghost in Organge T-Shirt

Definition: A true ghost story from Ohio.


One evening my (then current) husband, Gary, and I had invited some friends over. While making supper, I sat an empty bowl on the countertop. It moved to the right. I picked it up and put it back down, and again it moved. Naturally I assumed it was condensation on the bowl and/or the countertop, so I wiped off the counter and the bowl, put the bowl back down and watched it move again. So, again, I wiped the bowl and countertop and it did it again. Finally I called for Gary and our friends to come and watch it. It moved for them also. Of course, being the skeptic he was, Gary had to try it for himself. Same result. No one could offer an explanation for why the dry bowl would slide across a dry countertop. And, no, the countertop did not lean downhill. It was level.

Several months after the moving bowl incident, one Sunday morning I got up early and decided to clean the trailer. Standing at the kitchen sink, you could see all the way to the end of the trailer into our bedroom. The bathroom was to the left of our bedroom. As I was doing dishes, I glanced up and saw "Gary" walk from our bedroom into the bathroom. He was wearing his old ratty orange T-shirt.

Since it was so early, I went to apologize to him for waking him. To my absolute surprise and confusion, I found Gary sound asleep; face down in bed, without a shirt on at all! When I looked into the bathroom, there was nothing there. It was incredibly weird, but just went right along with all the other stuff I couldn't explain.

I never told Gary about seeing what I thought was him, because he already thought I was crazy as it was. He had actually told me not to tell anyone these things after the incident with the thuds under the bed. I think his feelings of embarrassment or whatever is part of what made me shut down for a little while.

A few weeks after we sold the trailer to Gary's brother and sister-in-law, she asked me if I had ever experienced anything weird while we lived there. When I asked her what she meant, she asked me if I ever heard women's and children's voices. I told her yes.

You have to understand the kind of person she is. She is a Christian and wouldn't lie to save her own life. Anyway, she then asked me if I ever felt a thumping under the bed. Again, I said yes.

At this point I kind of wondered if maybe Gary had put her up to asking me these things, because she did have a good sense of humor.

But when she asked me if I had ever seen anything orange go from the bedroom into the bathroom, I realized she wasn't teasing me, because I had never told anyone about the "orange" man I saw. When I told her I had experienced the same exact things, she told me she was glad, because she thought she was crazy.

After that, she, her mom and sisters blessed the trailer and she never noticed anything else.


Ohio Ghost Stories


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