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Ohio Ghost Story - 3rd Shirt Same Hospital

Definition: A true ghost story from Ohio.


I worked 2nd shift for almost seven months. It was actually a terrible shift due to trying to have a life outside of work. 3pm to 11pm, 5 days a week was really taking a toll on my free time. So I asked about and accepted a 3rd shift position. Three 12 hour shifts. 6pm to 6am. I knew that switching like that was going to be a life style change but with 3 days on and 4 days off I was willing to try it out for a while.

One night again I left to go outside for a "smoke break." This time it was almost midnight, and I had already had an awkward feeling since the beginning of the shift. I walked the 10th floor first to see if I could find a nurse or a tech to go out with me, but the ones who smoked seemed to have already taken their breaks, or were just too busy with new admit patients to go out then. So again by myself, I got in the elevator and headed to the first floor. The ride down was fine, nothing exciting seemed to happen.

I walked the long dark hall ways, past the cafeteria, and the gift shop. I made my way through the ER, headed toward the only "night exit." As I started to pass the security station, the guard stopped me, and asked "where did the nurse you were walking with go?" A little unsure by what he was asking, I told him that I had been alone since I left the 10th floor. Then he told me that on the security cameras he saw me exit the elevator with a nurse wearing a white dress, and a small hat on her head. I said maybe that was someone else that got off the elevator close to the time I did, and he assured me that it was me that he saw, and he even pointed out how I stopped in front of the gift shop and looked into the window for a quick second.

A little surprised I said "maybe she was a ghost nurse," and I let out a little chuckle. He laughed thinking I was joking, and he said that he was only curious because he had not seen any one dressed in clothes she was wearing before, and that as I entered the back way into the ER and then came into the waiting area that he thought he would be able to see her in her attire in person. I sort of shrugged my shoulders and told him that I had indeed been by myself, and that I wished that I could have seen what he thought he saw. He motioned for me to come behind the booth, and he (in front of me) rewound the tape in the recorder, and played it back for me from the time I got off the elevator.

On the tape no nurse was present, but there was a lightly glowing object of what appeared to be the shape of slimly built human, and it stayed with me walking the same pace I walked through the trip, even as I stopped at the gift shop. The man was freaking out telling me that he knows what he saw and that the glowing object was the nurse. That she was walking with me right in it's place.

So, I don't really know, but believing in what I do I can't say that she wasn't there, and the glowing affirmation if you will, was certainly there. I never feel like I'm alone there. But as long as there is no harm to me I don't mind too much.


Ohio Ghost Stories


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