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Ohio Ghost Story - Bad Ouija Experience

Definition: A true ghost story from Ohio.


Myself, my friend, and his girlfriend all shared a condo together. I moved in after they did and they were always telling me of things that were going on in it (we all believe in the paranormal). I moved in and there was nothing going on for about the first 2 months or so and slowly things started picking up. We would hear growls from down in the basement and none of us ever felt comfortable down there so we always went in pairs. We would see figures walking around, objects would be moved, doors closing by themselves just to give you all an idea.

My friend's girlfriend, who we will call Becky, suggested one night after almost a year of this that we should use a Ouija board to try and contact whatever was there and get rid of it. Against my best judgement I agreed. We were all up in their room watching some movies at the time, as they had the best set up for movies, and we went down to the kitchen table and got everything prepared. Jessie, a friend of Becky's, showed up as we were about to start. We invited her to join and she declined, but said she wanted to watch. We started a recorder to go back and listen to later. We asked some basic questions and moved on to the more in-depth questions.

My friend, who we will call Jon, asked some question then started to cry. When we asked what was wrong, he said nothing but this is my grandma. The questions he asked only he knew the answers to, but as he got more in depth on questions to make sure it was her, the answers became wrong more frequently. When he noticed they were wrong, what we think was another spirit came through and it was of a young girl who had been murdered 3 doors down from us. We asked several question. The first was, "Do you know what or who is in our house?" She replied "Yes." "Is it evil?" we asked again. "Yes." Becky asked, "Is it a strong entity?" The response we got was "Yes, D-e-m-o-n" and at this we all got nervous. Jon asked, "How strong is it?" the response was "V-e-r-y." Becky asked, "What is it's name?" the response was "Z-o-y." "What should we do?" she asked and the response to that was "G-e-t-o-u-t." And Becky, being the one who felt everything was okay, said "I mean, how do we defeat it?" Again we got "G-e-t-o-u-t" only this time it kept cycling through the letters getting faster and faster.

Jon and I said, "F@@k this, we are done. Close whatever door you opened" and Jon asked Jessie to go get his car keys out of his room. Jessie came down and said, "I can't, your door is locked." We ran up the stairs after Becky closed the session and the door was indeed shut and locked although we left it wide open. We went and the keys were not on the dresser where he left them. We looked around for about 10 minutes and found them under the bed.

We went to Becky's family's house and listed to the recorder. The was nothing on the recorder at first, but as soon as we started asking about the demon you could hear a growling slowly get louder until it sounded like it was right by us. The point where the planchette spelled Zoy, we heard an almost half laugh, half growl and heard, "You are mine."

We moved out within a month and only went back one time to get our stuff. When we went back, I felt as if someone was behind me but when I looked there was nothing. I got out to the car to leave and noticed my metal crucifix that was in perfect condition upon entering was now bent in the middle at a 45 degree angle.


Ohio Ghost Stories


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