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Earhart, Amelia - One of the most famous disappearances in history.
earthquake effect - A paranormal event in which a room shakes as if in an earthquake. Often associated with medium Daniel Dunglas Home.
Eavesdropper - Christmas Ghost Story
Eblis - Alternate spelling of Iblis, the renamed demon Azazel who was ejected from Heaven.
ectoplasm - A viscous white substance which is said to be released from the orifice of a medium and used by spirits to take on a physical form.
Egyptian days - A list of dates said to be significant in terms of good and bad fortune. Sometimes referred to as the "lucky and unlucky days".
Electric Chair Ghost picture - After an engineer photographs an electric chair he is going to modify, he notices several ghost-like apparitions in the picture.
Electro Magnetic Field Theory - EMF - The electro magnetic theory of the paranormal is that supposedly a ghost/spirit gives off an electro magnetic field which can be detected by Electro Magnetic Field meters (EMF).
electrokinesis - The act of generating electricity using only the mind.
elemental - A nature spirit.
elixir - A liquid or powder said to provide eternal life or life enhancement.
Eliza Battle - The Eliza Battle was a Tombigbee River steamboat that ran a route between Columbus, Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama during the 1850s. She was destroyed in a fire on the river near modern Pennington, Alabama on March 1, 1858. It was the greatest maritime disaster in Tombigbee River history, with an estimated thirty-three people killed, out of roughly sixty passengers and a crew of forty-five
elongation - A phenomena in which a psychic's body is seen to grow longer under the influence of a spirit.
Energy Loss Theory - In theory some investigators believe that when a ghost is trying to manifest it will try to draw in any energy that is around the area.
Eric Glosser & Brendan Shay My Ghost Story Twin City Opera House on Vimeo - This is "Eric Glosser & Brendan Shay My Ghost Story Twin City Opera House" by Eric Glosser on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
escape clause - In a debate, a back-up defence that can always be used when all other arguments have failed.
ESP - Extrasensory Perception, the ability to perceive things without the aid of the five senses, i.e. with the mind alone or with supernatural assistance.
etheric body - A non-physical body of vital forces or energy, said to accompany a person's physical body.
Everyday Paranormal - The official website of the the Klinge Brothers and Everyday Paranormal as seen on the series "Ghost Lab" on the Discovery Channel and Netflix.
evil eye - In witchcraft and black magic, the ability to cast spells and excerpt power over people merely by looking at them.
EVP - White Noise Theory - The subject of white noise in the investigation of EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) deserves a discussion.
EVP Classifications - Here are the different classifications or grades of EVP's that can be captured.
EVP History - EVP is an acronym for Electronic Voice Phenomena.
EVPs of Twin City Opera House - EVPs captured by North Ohio Paranormal Scientific Society in September of 2012
EVPs Where Do They Come From - The following will document where EVps come from and their potential sources.
Excerpts from Halderman vs. Pennhurst State School - Excerpts from the facts section of the federal district court case Halderman v. Pennhurst State School and Hospital.
Execution Rocks Lighthouse - Built in 1809, Sands Point Light is situated close to Execution Rocks, but proved ineffective at warning mariners of the danger in heavy fog or stormy weather.
exopolitics - Political institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life.
exorcism - The act of expelling an unwanted spirit or demon from a possessed person.
extispicy - A method of divination using entrails.
Extrasensory Perception - See ESP.

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