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Ohio Ghost Story - Early Memories

Definition: A true ghost story from Ohio.


It was morning and my mother was hassling with my older sister to get ready for school, my sister's worst nightmare you could say. My sister and I shared a room at the time. I was playing in our up stairs bedroom while Amy (my sister) was fixing her hair. She finished quickly and left he room. As she did the bedroom door slammed shut and locked with me still inside. Now being only two years old, I was unable to reach the door handle to help myself. I immediately started screaming and crying. My mother rushed up he stairs to the door with my sister at her side. My mom automatically assumed that Amy had locked me in the room because of her rotten streak. My mom quickly got a screwdriver and was trying to pry open the heavy wooden door to get to me, but the lock wouldn't budge.

There was never a key to that door either. Ten minutes passed of my screaming and my mother trying to get the door free. All of a sudden, as I sat there on the floor waiting the lock just flipped open with no explanation as to why. The door swung open. My mother had a look of surprise on her face. She was still on her knees trying with the screwdriver. Till this day my mother says it was my sister who locked the door but I know better. The question is if something locked me in there why did it let me out or was it something else?

After that day I remember talking to things my mother said weren't there. One in the basement and one in my room. I can't remember exactly what I all said to these things. I just remember one sentence that scared the living day lights out of my mother. While standing close to the basement door which was in the kitchen, where my mother was with me, I said "mommy I don't wanna help with laundry because the man behind the steps will get me". Also I remember in the mornings that I was let out of my crib by someone that wasn't seen by anyone else. My mother would always wonder how I got out so she watched me one morning.

She tells me the story today of how I was sleeping soundly as the crib door gently slid down. I awoke five minutes later and climbed down the bars and was on my way to breakfast. All my life I have encountered these things and still do. For all the moms out there that believe their child has an imaginary friend think again.


Ohio Ghost Stories


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