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Halloween - "All Hallows Eve", the night of October 31st, when the worlds of spirits and mortals are said to become one.
Halloween Web - The air is chilly and the leaves are turning brilliant colors. Halloween is a favorite autumn holiday, a fun time for seasonal celebrations. Enjoyed by kids and adults, "All Hallow's Eve" lets us explore our dark side and have some mischievous fun.
Hark the Harold Angels Sing - Christmas Ghost Story
Harmony Inn - There have been many media reports about the entities who reside at the Harmony Inn, many of which are posted on the wall in the bar area.
Harpers Cemetery Photos - When Robert Harper died in 1782, there were only three houses in the town. Optimistic about the community's potential for growth, however, Harper had set aside this 4-acre cemetery.
haruspex - Latin name for a diviner.
Haunted Bureau Ghost Picture - A furniture dealer snapped this ghost picture when photographing a bureau for a catalog.
Haunted Christmas - Christmas Ghost Story
Haunted Collector - Haunted Collector is an American television reality series which airs on the Syfy cable television channel.
Haunted History - Haunted History is a 1998 UFA/Cafe Productions series exploring the supernatural. Executive Producer Ed Babbage for Cafe (London). The American version of the show also debuted in 1998 (as a special) with the same premise of exploring the world to investigate the "haunted history" of reportedly haunted locations. - A collection of ghost stories and haunted places.
haunting - Unexplained events at a particular location, attributed to the presence of spirits or ghosts.
Haunting Spirit Photography from the Age Before Photoshop - There is nothing new under the sun: the history of the photo editing is almost as old as photography itself. Spirit photography was first widely employed by William H. Mumler in the 1860s, but the earliest pieces were made by Sir David Brewster for his 1856 book The Stereoscope: Its History, Theory, and Construction. Even though he was using the simple double exposure technique and was revealed as a fraud, some other spirit photographers came up in the next decades. Here are some of the most interesting pieces of spirit photography before Photoshop.
Hauntings at Pennhurst - There are several reports of paranormal activity at Pennhurst. The following is a small listing that describes those hauntings.
Hauntings at the Borden House - It is no wonder there are paranormal reports of the Borden House were the horrible murders took place.
Hauntings at the Borden House - 2 - The following is an account of a couple of hauntings by a former skeptic. You can click on the reference link at the end for more information.
Heather Hill Hospital and Health - UHHS Heather Hill was founded in 1939 by a Cleveland social worker, Mabel Woodruff. The original 150-acre estate included 60 acres of timber, five natural springs, several homes, a carriage house, granery and barn.
Hecate - In Greek mythology, a demon goddess of witchcraft, darkness and death.
Heceta Head Lighthouse - Heceta Head Light is a lighthouse located on the Oregon Coast 13 miles (21 km) north of Florence, Oregon and 13 miles (21 km) south of Yachats, Oregon, United States.
Henry H. Stambaugh Auditorium - Henry H. Stambaugh, local industrialist and philanthropist, bequeathed to the people of Youngstown and the surrounding areas a magnificent structure on what was then the northernmost part of Youngstown.
Heptameron - A book dealing with the subjects of spirit invocation and general magic. The authors are unknown, but legend has it that the first part was written by Italian magician Peter of Abano.
Hermann prophesies - A series of prophesies said to have been written by the monk Hermann and published circa 1722.
Hermetica - A school of mystical thought that, together with the Kabbalah, formed the original foundation of Western occultism.
hexagram - in the Chinese I-Ching, a six-line figure used to calculate answers to questions.
High Aim 6 - High Aim 6 left the port of Liuchiu in southern Taiwan on 31 October 2002, and was then found without its crew, drifting in Australian waters, on 8 January 2003. The owner of the ship, Tsai Huang Shueh-er, spoke last with the captain in December 2002. The vessel was registered in Taiwan and flew under an Indonesian flag. While the only member of the Indonesian crew who could be tracked down admitted that the captain Chen Tai-cheng and the engineer Lin Chung-li had been murdered, what happened exactly and the motive for mutiny remain unclear
Hill View Manor - Hill View Manor which has played many roles over its long history. Originally built in 1925, it started as a home for the poor, where those released from prison could learn a new skill and get back on their feet.
Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza - The Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza in Ohio was the first multi-use complex in the United States, making it significant and progressive. The Netherland Plaza was described as a "city within a city".
Historic Anchorage Hotel - Situated in the heart of downtown Anchorage, the hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the only historic hotel among Anchorage lodging properties.
Historic Mysteries - Your resource for unsolved crimes, unexplained mysteries, paranormal events and mysterious disappearances.
HISTORY OF SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY - The reason that is most given for the lack of widespread acceptance of the credibility of spirit photographs is that the photographs of the past were so riddled with fraud. Strangely though, it is spirit photography that seems to provide the most scientific evidence of ghosts. It is one of the only methods of capturing ghostly phenomena that approaches the standards of science. The reasons for this are fairly simple and include the fact that genuine spirit photos are clearly a physical phenomenon; the amount of energy that goes into making such a photo can be measured by the way it appears in the image; a method of attempting to establish replication is possible; and finally, that it may be possible at some point to develop explanations for how spirit photographs are made and why they exist.
Hoagland, Richard - Investigator and researcher into space-related issues and phenomena.
Hoffa, Jimmy - A story about the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.
Hog Alley Harpers Ferry Photos - Photos of Hog Alley taken during ghost tour.
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - The Roosevelt Hotel is a historic Spanish-style hotel located at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Named after Theodore Roosevelt and financed by a group including Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and Louis B. Mayer, it first
Hollywood Sign - It's fitting that the Hollywood Sign, the worldwide symbol of the entertainment industry, was conceived as an outdoor ad campaign for a suburban housing development called Hollywoodland.
Holt, Harold - Story explaining the mysterious disappearance of the Prime Minister of Australia in 1967.
homeopathy - A natural medical discipline that combines natural ingredients, typically in immeasurably small doses, to promote health and healing.
horary astrology - A form of astrology in which a question is answered by using a chart based on the time the question is proposed.
horoscope - A foundation concept in astrology that involves interpreting the character and destiny of a person based on celestial positions at the time of birth.
Houdini, Harry - Famous illusionist and escape artist, also known for his interest in (and debunking of) paranormal claims.
Human mysteries - A category of paranormal phenomena relating to the human body and mind.
hydromancy - Any method of divination using water; for example, hearing meaningful sounds in water, interpreting patterns of water disturbance, etc.
hypnosis - A state of mind in which the subject becomes very relaxed and open to suggestion.

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