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Ohio Ghost Story - Help From a Spirit

Definition: A true ghost story from Ohio.


When I was less than 2 years old I gave my parents and family a heart attack. My mother and father had laid me down for bed like any given normal night. We lived in a first story apartment at the time, and I can't remember it at all, so I can't really give a layout to it.

Well after everyone had went to bed I had escaped. Not only my crib and bedroom, but of the apartment completely. One of my parents woke up to check on me and I was gone. Just like in a scene from one of those kidnapped movies. Gone and no note was left. My parents were scared out of their minds.

The sliding door was left wide open. For over an hour my mom, dad and eventually uncle search high and low for me, but no luck. They knew something was seriously wrong. Panicked and not really knowing what to do, the next step was to call the police, as my mother went to call when here comes a friend of my father's holding me in his arms.

He said "I saw the little guy walking down the side walk by himself in only a diaper and with a bottle hanging from his mouth, I recognized him immediately and picked him up and brought him back here. Luckily, I did. He said he was going to the store to get candy."

Good thing he found me or I might not be here today. I can't help, but think how it all happened. Clearly my crib was closed, and the sliding door was locked. How did all of this happen? My parents are great parents and never neglectful. They would never have left either one unlocked.

Yet, I got out. As not even 2 years old I just don't think I could have done it alone. Sliding doors are pretty hard to open when they are unlocked and the handles tend to be pretty high up for a toddler. This only ever happened once. I never did it again or even tried to do it again.

This is why I think I could have received help from a spirit. How would I get out of my crib, especially if it was one of those that didn't have a side that opened up? If I did manage to climb up and over, being so young I definitely would have hurt myself and had cried over the monitor eventually waking my parents up.


Ohio Ghost Stories


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