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Ohio Ghost Story - Dead Letter

Definition: A true ghost story from Ohio.


My story is not based around my personal experience, but a close family member of mine. My Uncle Lee (Shermen Lee Tolle) has always loved to tell us kid's ghost stories when we were younger, staying over at his house on the weekends. Although most of his scary stories were make believe, he shared a very interesting, but very surreal ghost experience. The story I am going to share with you, is very real, and also my Uncle Lee has proof to prove this insane story is 100% real. Please enjoy.

My Uncle Lee was born on March 13, 1940 in a little town just outside of Kentucky. Born to a poor family barely surviving as it was, my Uncle Lee's father (my grandpa) was a hardworking man, out everyday hunting for food, and chopping wood for fire. For years the family kept a secret hidden away in the dark from my Uncle. The secret was, once my Uncle Lee was born, he was not the only one. He had a twin that was born 3 minutes after he was born. Although my Uncle was a healthy new born, unfortunately his twin Eugene Walter Tolle died a little under an hour after birth.

Any way's to jump to the point. My Uncle Lee Received a letter stating and I quote: "Wow... It is a blessing to visit you in the upcoming weeks. I have missed you all your life. I love you very much. We never got the chance to meet, but I assure you, when that time come's it will be a memorable moment for the whole family. I'm coming with a special gift and leaving with the love from the one woman that left me in the dark. Take Care. Love... " The letter was dated May 8, 2004.

After receiving such a creepy anonymous letter, my Uncle decided to only share the letter with his wife Sheryl Tolle (my aunt) and my two cousin's and myself. After a couple week's past, on June 14, 2004 my grandma (my Uncle Lee's mother) past away from an unknown illness. Nobody in my family has spoken a word about the letter, not even my Uncle. Could it have been his twin brother?


Ohio Ghost Stories


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