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talisman - An object believed to bring the owner protection, good health and fortune.
Tamworth Castle - Christmas Haunting - Haunting at Christmas time.
Tarot Cards - A deck of playing cards used for divination.
Tattered Fabric: Fall River's Lizzie Borden - Musings, reflections and sharing on this enduring fascination. - A blog dedicated to the unsolved murders.
Teggie - A legendary creature said to inhabit the Welsh Llyn Tegid (Bala Lake).
telekinesis - The act of moving objects using only the power of the mind.
telepathy - The communication of thoughts or information between minds without using any conventional means, i.e. with the power of the mind alone.
teleportation - The act of transporting a solid object or living being instantly from one location to another.
Temperature Change Theory - The temperature theory is when a ghost starts to manifest, it can cause drops in temperature called cold spots or even cause a hot spot.
Texas School Book Depository - The Texas School Book Depository (now the Dallas County Administration Building) is the former name of a seven-floor building facing Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas (U.S.). Located on the northwest corner of Elm and North Houston Streets.
Thailand Poisonings - The story about mysterious poisonings in Thailand
The Addison Haunting - The Addison Haunting is an example of how ghosts are different than poltergeist
The Alamo - The viceroy of Mexico authorized a mission in 1716, but it was not until 1744 that the first stones of the present Alamo were laid.
The Alamo Treasure - About the lost treasure of the Alamo
The Amber Room - The story of the Amber Room
The Association for Gravestone Studies - AGS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to foster appreciation of the cultural significance of gravestones and burial grounds through their study and preservation.
The Atlantic Paranormal Society - TAPS brings decades of expierence in investigating with its pioneering equipment and techniques that has changed the field of paranormal investigating.
The Back Seat Ghost - The Backseat Ghost is a famous photograph that is believed to capture an apparition.
The Bell Witch Web Site - The Bell Witch Web Site is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the legend of Tennessee’s infamous "Bell Witch" by presenting useful and well-researched information pertaining to the John Bell family and their "visitor." The site's owner feels that "disinformation" regarding the legend is abundant, and that you, the reader, deserve a historically-accurate account of this fascinating legend, absent the elements of myth, assumption, and "hocus pocus." You are not being asked to believe anything, but only to review the information and draw your own conclusion.
The Birth and Death of Spirit Photography - On this tour, we going to go back to 1861. Here we see Mr. William Mumler working as a jewelry engraver in Boston. He leaves his post for the day and goes home for dinner. After dinner is over, he enters his make shift studio where he dabbles about with photography.
The Bissman Building - The structure was built in 1886 where Peter Bissman's expanded wholesale grocery still stands today, but not in operation.
The Blue Pelican Inn - The Blue Pelican Inn has been known by many names. It was built in 1924 by Art Carpenter, Joe Blakely and Jack Garrison, all local stonemasons.
The Brown Lady Ghost - The Brown Lady ghost story originated from a 17th century love affair where infidelity and revenge trapped a tortured soul known as the Brown Lady ghost.
The Bunny Man - The story of a reported cryptid that is part man and part rabbit.
The Cavalier Hotel - Located in Virginia Beach, The Cavalier Hotel was opened in 1927. Visitors include former presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon.
The Changeling - The story of an unsolved mystery about a boy who disappeared.
The Chesterfield Leper - In 1934, the Chesterfield cigarette factory of Richmond, Virginia was hit by an extremely harmful rumor.
The Christmas Visitor - Christmas Ghost Story
The Congress Theater - The Congress Theater was designed in 1925 for Lubliner and Trinz, who operated one of Chicago's largest movie theater chains during the 1920's.
The Dead Files - The Dead Files is an American paranormal television series that premiered on September 23, 2011, on the Travel Channel. The program features psychic medium Amy Allan and former NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi as they investigate locations that are reported to be haunted. The show initially airs new episodes on Fridays at 10:00 pm EST.
The Dibbuk Box - Dibbuks (or dybbuks) are spirits in Jewish folklore that latch themselves onto people and objects, bringing bad luck, misery, and death.
The Dobbin House - Four Score and Seven years before the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg, (1776), Reverend Alexander Dobbin built a house to begin a new life in America for himself and his family.
The Flight 401 Was A Normal Flight - Everything was normal with flight 401, until they tried to land.
The Flying Dutchman - The Flying Dutchman is a legendary ghost ship that can never make port and is doomed to sail the oceans forever. The myth is likely to have originated from 17th-century nautical folklore. The oldest extant version dates to the late 18th century. Sightings in the 19th and 20th centuries reported the ship to be glowing with ghostly light. If hailed by another ship, the crew of the Flying Dutchman will try to send messages to land, or to people long dead. In ocean lore, the sight of this phantom ship is a portent of doom.
The Freddy Jackson Ghost - The Ghost of Freddy Jackson is a paranormal story about one soul unwilling to accept death. Watch this video to learn more about the Ghost of Freddy Jackson and why he just wasn't ready for the afterlife.
The Ghost and Mr. Mumler - The well-known photograph of Mary Todd Lincoln with her husband's 'ghost' behind her was only one of many hoaxes perpetuated by photographer William Mumler.
The Ghost Club - The Ghost Club is the oldest organisation in the world associated with psychical research. It was founded in 1862 but has its roots in Cambridge University where, in 1855, fellows at Trinity College began to discuss ghosts and psychic phenomena.
The Ghost Database - The purpose of this website is to be an encyclopedia of hauntings and other paranormal phenomena, looking from the perspective of an open-minded sceptic. The Ghost Database is the place to find all you need to know about Ghost Stories, Spooky Tales, Paranormal Investigations & Haunted locations.
The Ghost of Boothill Cemetery - The Ghost of Boothill Graveyard is a ghost story born out of the legendary Old West and how it appeared in one eerie photograph.
The Ghost of Flight 401 (TV 1978) - YouTube - An aircraft crashes in the Florida Everglades, killing 101 passengers. After the wreckage is removed, salvageable parts from the plane are used to repair oth...
The Ghost of Flight 401 (TV Movie 1978) - IMDb - Directed by Steven Hilliard Stern. With Ernest Borgnine, Gary Lockwood, Tina Chen, Kim Basinger. An aircraft crashes in the Florida Everglades, killing 103 passengers. After the wreckage is removed, salvageable parts from the plane are used to repair other aircraft. Soon passengers and crew on those aircraft report seeing what they believe to be the ghost of the wrecked airplane's flight engineer.
The Ghost of Flight 401: Mystery Files - The Flight Engineer turned to the Second Officer and said "You don't need to worry about the pre-flight, I've already done it". The Second Officer became alarmed - He realised that the Flight Engineer he was speaking to was dead! - He had crashed on Flight 401
The Ghost of Kurt Cobain - Did Kurt Cobain hunt a computer?
The Ghost of Robert A. Ferguson - When Robert A. Ferguson agreed to speak at a Los Angeles Spiritualist convention on November 16, 1968, he had no idea a long lost loved one would also be making an appearance.
The Ghosts of Eastern State Penitentiary - Approximately two dozen paranormal investigations take place at Philadelphia's abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary in a typical year.
The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium - The Waverly Hills Sanatorium located just outside of Louisville, Ky., has been empty for decades and is considered to be one of the most haunted buildings in the country
The Golden Feather - Christmas Ghost Story
The Grove Theater - Albert Vanwagoner, with his brothers, built this silent movie theatre, the Alhambra. They Razed their sister's Culmer Hotel at the back of the property.
The Haunted - This show features ghost stories and paranormal investigations involving animals.
The Haunted Grenadier Pub - The Grenadier pub is one of many haunted sites in England to experience paranormal activity. The following is the story of a Grenadier pub patron's violent murder and the subsequent hauntings.
The Haunted Internet - The Haunted Internet is your one-stop resource for all things ghost. It was created by a ghost lover, believer, truth-seeker and writer. The site is continually growing, which means its always under construction. Expect a few growing pains, but also a lot of new content!
THE HAUNTED ROGERS HOUSE - The official website for the Haunted Rogers House, in Rogers, Ohio.
The Haunting at Apsley House - Apsley House in London, England has been home to some of England's most revered politicians, and reportedly, some ghostly spirits as well.
The Haunting Of - The Haunting Of is an American documentary television series that premiered on October 27, 2012.
The History of the Twin City Opera House (McConnelsville, Ohio) - YouTube - Video documentary of the history of the 1890 Twin City Opera House. 2011 version with newly added video. You can own a HIGH QUALITY copy of this video by ord...
The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Hauntings - The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel has a paranormal history including sightings of departed Hollywood legends like Marylin Monroe.
The House of Seven Gables - The House of Seven Gables has a haunted past linked to the author Nathaniel Hawthorne
The Jerome Grand Hotel - This Spanish Mission style building, constructed in 1926, started out as the United Verde Hospital, opening January, 1927.
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is a short story by American author Washington Irving, contained in his collection of 34 essays and short stories entitled The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. Written while Irving was living abroad in Birmingham, England, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" was first published in 1820. Along with Irving's companion piece "Rip Van Winkle", "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is among the earliest examples of American fiction with enduring popularity.
The Legend of the Bell Witch - The story of the great American haunting known as the legend of the Bell Witch.
The Legends of the Irish Banshee - Banshee (bean-sidhe) means 'Faerie woman' or 'woman of the Faerie mound'. Many legends exist surrounding the Banshees and just how evil is she meant to be.
The Lincoln Death Chair - Located at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, this is the chair that Abraham Lincoln was sitting in when he was shot in the head by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C.
The Lisbon Doll - A haunted doll from Lisbon, Ohio.
The Lizzie Borden Trial or The Lizzie Borden Case - Primary documents (including trial and inquest testimony), images, maps, links, and other materials relating to Lizzie Borden trial of 1893. Site also includes an original narrative account of the case and trial.
The London Tower - The London Tower held countless executions and barbaric tortures. Anne Boleyn, the beheaded wife of King Henry the VIII, reportedly still haunts the tower. Here is some of The London Tower's paranormal history.
The Lord Combermere Ghost - The Lord Combermere ghost image features a distinguished British military commander, who's ghostly apparition was caught in a photograph at the time of his funeral.
The Lost Ghost - Christmas Ghost Story
The Lufthansa Heist - The story of the Lufthansa Heist
The Miracle Of Loretto Chapel - The mysterious carpenters of the Loretto Chapel Staircase.
The Mount - Wharton designed and built The Mount in 1902, based on the principles outlined in her influential book, The Decoration of Houses (1897), co-authored with architect Ogden Codman, Jr.
The Mumler Mystery: A Gallery of Spirit Photography from The American Museum of Photography - Spiritualism in America--and more specifically, spirit photography-- was taken to court in New York City in 1869. The case: a preliminary hearing for William H. Mumler, who was charged with fraud for selling photographs that he claimed included images of ghosts or spirits. Testimony and arguments lasted for seven days. On Mumler's side, witnesses included a prominent former judge who was also a spiritualist. Among the opposing witnesses were several photographers who explained how the same effects could be achieved by darkroom tricks, and P. T. Barnum--who said he purchased some of Mumler's photographs to exhibit them in his museum as specimens of humbug.
The Mysterious Cloud - Three soldiers claimed to be witnesses to the bizarre disappearance of an entire battalion in 1915.
The Night Watchman Chronicles - He waits in the shadows - in the doorways on the street, in the dark corners of your home, over your shoulder, in the recesses of your mind - anywhere that darkness dominates. You will never see his face, but you will hear his voice as he examines all things that are possible and semmingly improssible in the world of the unknown. He's the Night Watchman and these are his chronicles.
The Official Website of Arlington National Cemetery - The Official Website of Arlington National Cemetery. Welcome to Arlington National Cemetery, our Nation's most hallowed ground. This historic cemetery bears witness to our American heritage and the military service and sacrifice of men and women in uniform throughout our history.
The Old Mill - Historic re-creation of an 1880's water-powered grist mill. It is in the opening scenes of the classic movie Gone With The Wind. It features sculptures by Senor Dionicio Rodriguez. Located at Fairway Ave. and Lakeshore Drive.
The Original Spanish Kitchen - The story of a restaurant that just mysteriously closed for apparently years without explanation.
The Orpheum Theatre - The 688 seat Orpheum Theater that was built in 1913.
The Paranormal Database - The Paranormal Database is an online guidebook to hauntings, ghost sightings, cryptozoology, ABCs, mythology, legends and other supernatural and fortean occurrences reported in Great Britain, listed by region.
The Perron Family - Demonic haunting: In 1971, the Perron family moved into their new home in rural Burrillville, Rhode Island, a sweeping farmhouse built in the 18th century.
The Phillip Experiment - Often people so much want something to be paranormal when it isn't they will convince themselves of the paranormal activity. This experience outlines
The Pushy Ghost - Christmas Ghost Story
The Queen Mary - The Queen Mary's story is rich with history, elegance and grandeur. From the time her construction began in 1930 in Clydebank, Scotland, she was destined to stand in a class all her own.
The Red Book - Alternately called a work of "infinite wisdom" and the ramblings of a psychotic.
The Red Lion Pub - The building that now contains Chicago's Red Lion Pub was built in 1882, a few years after the Great Fire. At that time, the building was on the northern outskirts of the city, surrounded by farms and countryside.
The remains of Ludwig van Beethoven - The story behind what happened to the remains of Beethoven.
The Rogers House - A private residence built circa. 1884-1910 for a local area judge.
The Scariest Places on Earth - Scariest Places on Earth is an American paranormal documentary reality television series that originally aired from October 23, 2000 to October 29, 2006.
The Silent Witness - Appomattox Court House National Historical Park (U.S. National Park Service) - Information on the "Silent Witness" Doll. This doll witnessed the surrender of General Lee to General Grant.
The Silent Witness Doll - This child's toy was witness to the surrender of General Lee to General Grant at the McLean House located in the village of Appomattox Court House.
The Smiley Face Murder Theory - Smiley face graffiti has been found near the bodies of many drowning victims.
The Spalding Inn - Kris & Jason Hawes and Reanna & Grant Wilson invite you to enjoy the Spalding Inn. Located in the heart of the White Mountains in scenic Whitefield, New Hampshire, it is one of New England's most charming inns.
The Stanley Hotel - The Stanley Hotel is a 138-room Georgian hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Located within sight of the Rocky Mountain National Park, the Stanley offers panoramic views of the Rockies.
The Stonehenge Disappearances - The mysterious standing stones of Stonehenge in England was the site of an amazing disappearance in August, 1971.
The Story Behind the Winchester House - The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, Calif., was under construction 24 hours a day for 38 years, from the time Mrs. Sarah Winchester bought the original six-bedroom farmhouse until her death in 1922.
The Strange Case of William Mumler, Spirit Photographer - Louis Kaplan - Google Books - In the 1860s, William Mumler photographed ghostse"or so he claimed. Faint imagesof the dearly departed lurked in the background with the living, like his well-known photo of the recently assassinated Abraham Lincoln comforting Mary Todd. The practice came to be known as spirit photography, and some believed Mumler was channeling the dead. Skeptics, however, called it a fraudulent trick on the gullible, taking advantage of the grieving at a time of suffering and loss. Mumlere(tm)s insistence that his work brought back the dead led to a sensational trial in 1869 that was the talk of the nation.
The Strange Case of William Mumler, Spirit Photographer — University of Minnesota Press - The story of the birth of spirit photography and the controversy surrounding its discovery.
The Titanic Exhibit - During the Titanic exhibit's 2008 stay at the Georgia Aquarium, a team from Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations captured voices on a digital voice recorder and reported the presence of a young crew member, an elderly woman and an older gentleman in various areas of the exhibit.
The Treasure of San Miguel - The story of the The Treasure of San Miguel
The Tulip Staircase Ghost - The Tulip Staircase Ghost is one of the most famous paranormal images ever taken. To this day the image cannot be explained by experts in the field.
The Vacation Party Ghost - The Vacation Party Ghost is the reason why you should never be the last one at a party. The unknown apparition shows up in a photo of friends on vacation.
The War of the Worlds Radio Drama - The War of the Worlds is an episode of the American radio drama anthology series The Mercury Theatre on the Air.
The Watcher - This picture taken at Corroboree Rock at Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia shows the ghost of a woman.
The White House - The presidential mansion was designed by James Hoban and personally approved by George Washington. The mansion would be situated on the angled Pennsylvania Avenue at the 1600 block, down the street from the Capitol building.
The Winchester Mystery House - In 1881, Sarah Winchester, the widow of famous gun maker Oliver Winchester, became convinced that she needed protection from the evil spirits of all the people killed by Winchester rifles.
The Youngstown Playhouse - The Youngstown Playhouse traces its origins to February 16, 1927, when several local drama organizations formed a single organization called the Youngstown Players.
Theater Supersition - Peacock Feathers - Peacock Feathers should never be brought on stage, either as a costumer element, prop or part of the a set as chaos will ensure.
Theater Superstition - Bad Luck to Whistle - It is considered bad luck to whistle on or off stage, as someone (not always the whistler) will be fired.
Theater Superstition - Graveyard Gift - It's considered good luck traditionally to give the director and/or the leading lady, after closing night, a bouquet of flowers stolen from a graveyard
Theater Superstition - Mirror Image - It's bad luck to have mirrors on stage.
Theater Superstition - The Blues - It is bad luck to wear the color blue onstage, unless it was countered with something silver.
Theater Superstition - Unlucky Rule of Three - Having three lit candles onstage is bad luck.
Theater Superstitions - Hauntings - Ghosts haunt theaters and should be given one night a week alone on the stage.
Theater Superstitions - Wishing Good Luck - To wish someone "Good Luck" before a show is bad luck.
Theory behind Limestone Quartz and Magnetite - Limestone, Quartz, and/or Magnetite deposits can supposedly hold information, such as an event in history, and when the information is released a residual haunting may occur.
Theosophy - A term applied to a range of mystical philosophies. The word is derived from the Greek theos (God) and sophia (wisdom). - A-Z of Unexplained mysteries like Bermuda Triangle, Loch Ness Monster, UFO and Aliens, Paranormal. Mysteries like Ghosts, spirits, Vampires, ESP, Secret organizations, Conspiracy Theories. Complete guide of Unexplained Mysteries and Paranormal Phenomenas. Collection of Unsolved Mysteries of world.
third eye - Associated with the human pineal gland, said to be the mystical center of the body and the focus for meditation.
Thomas Gilcrease Museum - Gilcrease Museum was founded in 1949 as a private museum by Tulsa oilman Thomas Gilcrease (1890-1962), who amassed the nation's most comprehensive collection of art of the American West, as well as major collections of historical documents and artifacts.
Thomas Jefferson Cemetery and Gravesite Photos - Photos from the last resting place of the third President of the United State of America.
Thomas Jefferson's Monticello - Website to the home of Thomas Jefferson.
Thompson, Jim - The disappearance of former CIA member and business man.
Thoth - Greek name for the Egyptian god of wisdom and magic.
Thunderbird - A magical bird from Native American folklore.
Tolomato Cemetary - Tolomato Cemetery in St. Augustine is the oldest extant planned cemetery in the State of Florida, with burials starting during the First Spanish Period (1565-1763).
Tombstone - Arizona - Tombstone, Ariz., is the quintessential Wild West town. Founded in 1877 by a silver prospector, the town still treasures its historic appearance...and its historic inhabitants. - A selection of the best paranormal themed website to be found on the Internet.
Touch test - During the Salem witch trials, it was believed that if the witch would touch one of the afflicated that was having a fit, the affilicted would instantly calm down. - Welcome to the World's Foremost Authority on mobile home hauntings. Here we try to answer the tough questions: Can a ghost haunt a mobile home? And if so, why would they want to?
trance - A mental state in which a person becomes unresponsive to outside stimulus and instead focuses inward or on some other experience.
Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum - The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, constructed between 1858 and 1881, is the largest hand-cut stone masonry building in North America, and is purportedly the second largest in the world, next to the Kremlin.
Treasure At Little Bighorn - The story about the treasure at Little Bighorn
Treasure In The Majave Dessert - The Story of the Treasure in the Majave Dessert
Treasure Of Jean LaFitte - Story about the Treasure of Jean LaFitte
Treasure of the Knights Templar - The story of the Treasure of the Knights Templar
trepanning - Trepanning involved boring a small hole into the skull to expose the dura mater, the outer membrane of the brain.
true believer syndrome - A term used to describe a person's insistence on believing something that has been unequivocally disproven.
Truth or Scare - Truth or Scare is a television series on the Discovery Kids network. The show aired from October 25, 2001 to January 1, 2003. Each episode was 30 minutes long with commercials.
Twin City Opera House - The Twin City Opera House still has plenty of mysteries left to unravel. Perhaps you will encounter Everett Miller the usher there for 30 years who still watches over the opera house and has been contacted and seen numerous times during investigations.
Twin City Opera House - Brief History - A brief history about the Twin City Opera house in McConnelsville, Ohio.
Twin City Opera House - Full History - The Full History about the Twin City Opera House
Twin City Opera House - Full of Mysteries - Information on some of the various hauntings and mysteries about this building.
Twin City Opera House - Grave in Basement - The story how an empty grave was found in the basement under the mayor's office.
Twin City Opera House Black Mass Ghost Spirit Paranormal Shadow Person - YouTube - Many have observed the Black Shadow Mass in the Basement of the Twin City Opera House with their own eyes and it has never been captured on film......... UNTIL NOW!!!
Twin City Opera House The Phantoms that are here - YouTube - Ghost hunt the Twin City Opera House and find some of these phantom spirits lingering around the building. The Twin City Opera House is one of the most haunted buildings in all of Ohio. To reserve your ghost hunt contact us at:
Twin City Opera House | Haunted Places | McConnelsville, OH 43756 - Listing of the Twin City Opera House on Hunted Places

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