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Valencia - The SS Valencia was an iron-hulled passenger steamer built as a minor ocean liner for the Red D Line for service between Venezuela and New York City. She was built in 1882 by William Cramp and Sons, one year after the construction of her sister ship Caracas. She was a 1,598 ton vessel (originally 1,200 tons), 252 feet (77 m) in length. In 1897, the Valencia was deliberately attacked by the Spanish cruiser Reina Mercedes off Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The next year, she became a coastal passenger liner on the U.S. West Coast and served periodically in the Spanish American War as a troopship to the Philippines
Valentich, Frederick - Frederick Valentich was the 20 year old pilot of a Cessna plane that was flying over Bass Strait, Australia in October 1978, and disappeared.
vampire - A creature in folklore and mythology, said to live on the blood of humans and/or animals. Vampires are usually human corpses that rise after sunset to feed.
Vatican City Disappearances - A mystery within Vatican City.
Victorian Era Superstitions - People living within the Victorian Era had many different beliefs and superstitions.
Victorian Funeral Cards - During the Victorian Era, families would created invitations that was sent out to people in order to attend a wake or funeral. It was considered a privelege to receive an invitation and a personal insult if you did not attend after receiving an invitation.
Victorian Funeral Processessions - Grandiose is not too strong a word to use to describe the manner in which a Victorian funeral was conducted.
Victorian Grave Robbing - Grave robbery by the 'Resurrectionist Men', often doctors themselves was a problem in the 19th century as medical schools needed fresh cadavers for dissection classes.
Victorian Hearses and Horses - If a funeral parlour did not have enough clients to warrant owning their own hearses and teams of horses, this task was contracted out to a carriage-master who could serve several funeral businesses.
Victorian Mourning Clothes - Victorians' fascination with death affected many aspects of everyday life, including dress. Fashion magazines advertised mourning versions of the latest styles while women in mourning followed very strict rules as to which types of dress were acceptable.
Victorio Peak Treasure - Story of Lost Victorio Peak Treasure
Video Camera Tips for Paranormal Investigations - The video camera plays an important role in paranormal investigating. Not only does it allow you to document the time and date of your investigation, but the video camera will provide the strongest form of evidence in the event of paranormal activity.
Vile Vortices - A set of twelve points on a planetary grid that are said to be high in paranormal activity. Includes the Bermuda Triangle.
Villisca Axe Murders - Unsolved axe murder of 2 adults and 6 children in Villisca, Iowa.
voodoo - A religious system originally developed by African slaves in Haiti, since spread to other countries where Haitians have immigrated.
vortex - A mass of fluid or air in a rotational movement, such as a whirlpool. Often used to mean a mysterious disturbance or opening to another realm.
vortex - spiritual - In the paranormal when you talk about a vortex you are referring to an area of concentrated energy that can act as a portal for spirits traveling between the spirit world and this world.

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