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Ohio Ghost Story - Angry Ghost

Definition: A true ghost story from Ohio.


One day my cousin, Mary, and I were watching my niece that was only about six years old. My parents had gone out for a little while and they would not be back for about another hour or so. We were playing a game with my niece and we were having fun until we heard some sort of laughter coming from the dining room.

We took my niece into the living room and I told Mary to stay there with her. I went to investigate. There was not anything in the dining room or the bathroom. I went back into the living room. We decided to watch the television because we did not want to scare my niece.

It started to get a little cold so we grabbed some blankets from the computer room. My niece was already about to cry because she was so frightened from the startling laughter. Then, as we were watching television, I heard something from the other side of the room. My glass of water got knocked down from someone-or something. The water spilled all over and my niece was in tears now. Mary had her in her arms while I got the glass. I went into the kitchen to get a rag for the spilt water on our carpet.

We turned off the television and stayed on the couch which was across from where the water had gotten spilled. We heard something beside me and I moved over closer to Mary and my niece. Before I knew it, my school picture that was hanging on the wall in a new picture frame flew off of the wall and landed in front of me. We all screamed and my niece ran onto the loveseat. I grabbed the picture frame and put it back on the wall. I knew it did not fall because it would not have landed so far away from where it was hung.

We went onto the loveseat and got underneath the blankets because we did not want my niece to see anything else that would frighten her. She was already in tears. I told her to promise not to tell anyone about this because they would not believe us. Finally my parents got home and my niece would not leave her grandparents alone, but she did keep the secret.


Ohio Ghost Stories


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