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Ohio Ghost Story - A Birthday To Never Forget

Definition: A true ghost story from Ohio.


This event happened at my 10th birthday party. I was so excited! I was just turning double digits! So of course I would have a party!

But the spirits didn't agree.

I always knew that they were there. I also had the vibe that they weren't negative spirits at all. They only wanted to be heard, and I was their friend. Like I was their light. They always told me that they were there because at night, I could see them, even in the dark! Some were demonic, though.

It all started when my mom was making smoothies. My friend had lost her shoe so she, another friend, and I went outside to go get it. It was getting really late, so we decided to hurry up and find it. Finally, I found it. It was by the corner of my house. (At the time, I lived at a house that had woods in front and back of it.) My other two friends came to see that I had found it, but they screamed. I looked up and my hair stood on end. I wanted to scream, but all I could do was gasp. In the woods was a huge black creature with horns and red eyes. It looked almost like a bull. Finally, I scream "RUN!" and we dashed away. Remembering the shoe, I turn to grab it. But less than three yards away was the creature, charging at me. So, I left the shoe and ran inside to join the others. So we calmed down and stated what had happened. Nobody believed us a bit.

Later on, I was in my room (across from my parents' room and diagonal from the bathroom) with the same two girls from before. We were talking when we heard the faucet in the bathroom turn on. Thinking that it was our friend, we told her to stop it and that we knew that it was her. But then she asked us what we were talking about, and that she wasn't in the bathroom, but the living room! We noticed that the bathroom was dark, and the water had just then stopped. Now we were really freaking out! I didn't want my guests to be scared enough to never come back again! So I, being the brave one, went in, turned on the light, and felt the sink to see if it was wet. To my surprise, it was! Nobody had been in there for quite a while, too. And later on, I was feeling that it was okay, that nobody would get hurt. It was the spirits telling me, I know it! I was amazed and overwhelmed at the notification.


Ohio Ghost Stories


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