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Ohio Ghost Story - A Strange Sight

Definition: A true ghost story from Ohio.


Just over two weeks ago I had woken up in the morning and went straight to the coffee pot as I normally do. It was 7:47 am. I knew this because of the two rather large clocks I have to pass on my way to the coffee pot. Just as I was walking into the kitchen, my eyes were drawn to our back door, which is nearly all glass. I am not sure what made me think to look out there, as I normally do not. When I did though, I caught a brief glimpse of what I think may have been a ghost/spirit. At first I questioned what I saw, passing it off as a trick of the mind in my pre-caffinated state. When I looked again, it was gone. Yet even in my not quite awake state, in that brief glimpse I saw enough detail to remember it quite easily.

It was a little boy, between maybe the ages of 7 and 11 years old. I am guessing this because he appeared to be about the same height as my son. He was standing directly in front of a small group of three trees. These trees make up part of a line of trees that separate our subdivision and the cornfield behind it. The particular trees he was in front of are on the line of our home and that of the next door neighbor, in the backyard. He was wearing a shirt that had horizontal stripes of various shades of blue, and denim jeans. His hair was a dark brown, and had a somewhat longer shag look haircut. The tips of his hair curling slightly. I did not see an eye color, but I did notice that his eyes looked somewhat sunken in. As if he was sickly. And he was staring directly at me. Almost as if he had been waiting for me.

My first reasoning for questioning whether or not I actually saw him was because I thought there was no way a young child that age would be standing out there; without a coat in 20 something degree weather; at that time on a school day. There is also the fact that I only saw him for a few moments. Yet for the rest of that day and ever since then, I have a constant feeling of being watched. Sometimes even a feeling of someone standing right behind or beside me. As well every time I pass that same spot in the kitchen where I think I saw him my eyes are automatically drawn to that spot in the yard. Even though before this happened, that was not normal of me to do.


Ohio Ghost Stories


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