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Ohio Ghost Story - Haunted Barn

Definition: A true ghost story from Ohio.


My Aunt is one of those people that always manages to live in a haunted house. This time, not only her house but her barn is haunted as well. The barn is a really old fashioned style barn with two levels. The ground level is where some of their cows stay, as it has doors that lead to the pasture. It has stalls built for the cattle and it's impossible to see all places in it at once. There are stairs (not a ladder) leading up to the second level. This level is completely open, it's not divided in any way and from the top of the stairs you can see all around the room. It's used to store hay.

When I was about 12 or 13, my brother (about 8 or 9) and my cousin (same age as my brother) and I were playing a game with my uncle. He would hide somewhere on the farm and we would have to find him. It was a game we played all the time. So we waited in the house with my aunt until my uncle hid. We waited about 15 minutes and then went outside. We assumed he would be in the barn on the lower level because it had the most places to hide. After searching for some time we heard footsteps upstairs. We started to giggle and ran up the stairs. There was only one small stack of hay on the second level as it was summer time and they pasture feed their cows during the summer. It was the only thing to hide behind. We ran all the way around it and no one was there. The three of us were all puzzled by this and couldn't figure out where my uncle had gone. We had heard someone upstairs but now, no one was there. We gave up and decided to look somewhere else. As we walked away from the barn, we looked up at the window on the top level and there was a hand resting against the glass. About that time my uncle jumped out from behind the garage to scare us. Ironically dressed as the Grim Reaper. We told our uncle about it, he said he had been waiting in the garage the whole time and didn't go into the barn at all that afternoon.

My uncle is one for tricks, but we knew it wasn't him because he had the whole grim reaper thing planned out for some time and there aren't any hiding places on the second story of the barn.

My aunt has reported hearing footsteps up there multiple times. In her house, there are two staircases which footsteps can be heard too, even when no one but my aunt is in the house.


Ohio Ghost Stories


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