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Ohio Ghost Story - Something Black Was There

Definition: A true ghost story from Ohio.


I was up late one night in early August of this year. It was around one in the morning and I was just relaxing and watching TV. I live a few mile away from a small airport and I heard a low flying plane so, since there wasn't anything else going on, I looked out the window at it. It was so low that after it was out of my view I moved to another window in my apartment to get another look. After it was completely gone, I kept looking out the window at nothing in particular. But, I saw something a little funny.

Right across the street there is an archway that goes over a path to my neighbors' house, and I thought I saw something standing there. At first I thought it was a person, but I just couldn't see completely since it was in the shadows. But then it moved. I knew something WAS there, but it wasn't a person. This thing was all black, had a head, torso, arms, and legs. Once I felt like this thing knew I saw it, it ran... It didn't run normally. It ran in super high speed. It looked like it just took off at a 35 mph sprint. Again I saw it's head, arms moving, and legs moving.

While trying to justify what just happened I tried to blow it off, but it came back, this time right in front of my window. I closed the blinds as quickly as I could and ran into my room and closed the door. As soon as I sat, my door began shaking. Not violently, but it was shaking. There were no earthquakes that night and there were no windows open. I shouted "STOP!" IMMEDIATELY it stopped.

That night I had a dream that I was holding a dead man in my arms. Well, I thought he was dead. He slowly opened his eyes at me and said, "You don't know me, but please look into my eyes." I looked into the man's eyes and saw his entire life. He had a good childhood but he did things through his life that he was not proud of. As I came back into the present moment a tear fell down my face. I told him, "Go to the light." He looked at me confused and with the most painful voice I have ever heard said, "Go to God!?" I looked down at him and said, "Go to God." Right away he went limp in my arms. I woke up almost immediately sweating and my heart pumping furiously.

I don't know what happened to me that night, but I have my ideas. I feel that a man was lost and I helped him. But I really wanted to get this out and have the input of others. Please help me explain this. This is the only experience like this that I have ever had. I did not willingly go out and seek a ghost, I feel that one sought me.


Ohio Ghost Stories


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