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Ohio Ghost Story - Experience at Findley Park

Definition: A true ghost story from Ohio.


Back in the summer of '88, my cousin Pat and I were out cruising around on a late Saturday afternoon. We'd both gotten paid, and were just enjoying the day.

We were getting close to Elyria, a neighboring town, and we decided to stop at our cousin Diane's place, and see what she was up to. When we got there, we found her watching tv, such as it was on a Saturday afternoon-her roommate was out of town, and she was bored, so we invited her to join us. We piled into Pat's Escort, and sped off into the country.

After just bombin' around on the back roads for a while, Diane suggested we stop at Findley State Park, as it was coming up in a few miles. As kids, we'd spent many summer afternoons there, on family and church outings, but it had been years since any of us had been there. So, we pulled in at the entrance, and parked the car.

We hiked around near the lake, digging the sunshine and watching people swimming, out on boats fishing and skiing and such, just having a good time. By this time, it was coming up on dusk, and we were on the beach, sitting at a table, relaxing. There were a few pieces of playground equipment on the beach, and the treeline was a few yards away. The shadows began to lengthen around us.

Gradually, I got the sensation of being watched from nearby... The closest person to us was a man about thirty yards offshore, reeling in his line. The feeling seemed to come from the treeline, although I couldn't see anyone. Pat and Diane picked up the same vibe.

Glancing to either side of me, I could see that Pat and Diane were looking at the same place I was, and (I found out later) had the same feeling I did.

I don't remember turning, and walking away; it seemed as if the next thing I knew, we were in the car, speeding away from the park. I'd never heard of anything like that occurring there.


Ohio Ghost Stories


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