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Ohio Ghost Story - Akron House and Crystal Blessing

Definition: A true ghost story from Ohio.


This event happened the duration I lived in my old house in Akron with my friend, back when I was 18 and 19 years old. The house was one of the oldest houses within the city and on lend to us to use while we got on our feet. The moment we both moved in we knew something was off. I'm a very firm believer in the fact everyone has psychic abilities, and was raised that twins have a split soul and are more susceptible. Also have always been very into spirituality. (I'm a twin myself.)

The house was very old and had most of the furniture from when the lender's mother lived in the house. While this was a nice fact it still gave a very chilling feel especially to my room. My room had the most original articles of furniture. Now I don't think anything was tied to the furniture, and both Sarah (my friend I moved in with) and myself felt very uneasy. The whole house was constantly cold feeling, even when we had the heat up high. Particularly it felt almost alive at night the air was charged with energies.

The first two weeks we slept in the same room which happened to be the mother's old room. It really was the only room that felt safe and even then only when you were on the bed did it feel safe. I remember always having dreams about the house, nothing else though while I lived in it. Always centered to the dining area. I use to always avoid being near the basement door too.

I decided to try and pick up on what was making such almost sinister energies, by using my aura to feel and hopefully get a mental image. It worked the first time and very quick. In my mind I saw a very tall figure shrouded in black wrappings kind of like ripped clothing but nothing under. When I did this it was when things got to their worst, like the entity took notice of me looking at it and learning it.

When I would be out and my roommate/friend would be home she'd always call me to talk while I was running errands or job hunting. I remember one time she called and asked me. "Cole I think I just saw myself. It was my silhouette though but solid it didn't attack but, after I saw it, it sprang like lightning towards the basement door." This made my heart stop and I was confused. At the time I only fairly knew about different sorts of spirits and entities, but I knew it wasn't a shadow person or doppelganger. I told her it had to be a manifestation of the negative and fearful energy she had personally in the house, as well as mine even.

I always have been heavy into crystal divination and using earth's own energies via gems to work spiritual situations and events. I decided it best to leave up quartz around the house particularly in each corner of the master bedroom where I was staying most the time. This helped the whole room feel safe as long as the door was shut, the energies were very null in it.

Then when my friend was out at work, I decided to go down stairs get some food for lunch, I found absolutely every cabinet, oven, fridge/freezer, door open. The thing is none of the food or anything was in any of the places we put them everything was pitch black except for the fridge and empty. While it sounds amazingly fake I know what I saw, and scrambled up stairs to get my phone and call my friend and tell her what happened.

When she got home we both went to the kitchen together only to find the kitchen how we left it the night prior. This upset me greatly and made my friend nearly beside herself with fear, so I decided I'd use my knowledge and practices to do a crystal blessing of the house. Using a pure chunk of amethyst to calm and provide serenity, along with opal for hopeful insight to what was going on I went in each room and prayed charged the stones with my energy and released that energy filtered by those tones to try, and calm what ever it was. This whole time I only saw that figure in my mind and it only sent chills down my spine.

Upon getting to the dining area where the basement door was located this is where it proved futile. I couldn't muster any energy and only felt the sheer dread and sinister energy almost feral and angry like I backed it into a corner. Sarah suggested that I go down into the basement and try things there.

Neither of us ever attempted going into the basement both out of sheer fear as well as no real need to in the first place. I couldn't get the basement door open when before we could. Both of us tugged and tried hard but it just was freezing cold on the handle and we couldn't do anything to get it to budge. Giving up we both went to bed and decided it safe to stay in the master bedroom together since I had been trying to give her, her privacy by staying in the second room.

I remember that morning was the last day either of us stayed in that house. When we went down together to have breakfast and talk about our plans on moving out there was a piece of old paper in what looked like black paint or ink scrawled on it. " Geh' jetzt " taking the message we did as said and left.

To this day even on the other side of the country I still almost feel this presence and even fear it will come to me. I'm not sure what it is or what it might represent or be tied to in that house but, all I know is I will never set foot in that city alone ever again.


Ohio Ghost Stories


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