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Ohio Ghost Story - A Child Ghost

Definition: A true ghost story from Ohio.


I was six years old at the time. Our house was three stories with the second floor being rented out. My brother Mark and I were to sleep on the third floor which had three bedrooms. After saying goodnight to our parents, I ran up the steps alone. Mark was still in the living room talking.

When I reached the top step of the third floor, I saw a very young girl around the age of four or five sitting on my bed. She was dressed in a white frilly dress. Her hair was long and curly with a large white bow on top of her hair. We didn't speak we just looked at each other. After standing and staring I turned and ran down the stairs to get my parents. My older brother was at the bottom of the stairs when I told him a girl was sitting on my bed. He said he would run her off thinking she may be living on our second floor. I never went further than the bottom of that first flight of stairs. She was gone, never coming down the steps. I told my parents about the young girl, they said no children were living on the second floor. Nothing was ever said again.

Fours years later I was playing in a bedroom on the second floor, which no one slept in because it was always cold. My mom was giving my twin sisters a bath when the bed lifted off the ground and started to shake. I started laughing thinking my two brothers were doing this to me. I leaned over the bed after it was lowered to the ground and lifted up the bed covers. No one was under the bed. I didn't tell anyone until five years ago.

The family had gathered for Thanksgiving dinner when I told my story about the bed being raised off the ground. To my surprise Karen, my younger sister had experienced the exact same occurrence in that cold bedroom. She never told anyone until that night. My mom moved out when I turned twenty one. I don't know why I was able to see the little girl but I have never forgotten her.


Ohio Ghost Stories


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