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Ohio Ghost Story - Clark Avenue House

Definition: A true ghost story from Ohio.


It was late 1980's we lived on west 52 off Clark Avenue Cleveland Ohio house owned by ruble. One day I was making Charlie's bed my youngest of 3 kids. While the kids was in school. And as I smoothed the blankets with my hand, out of the corner of my eye I saw Charlie's radio and cassette holder turn. The corner seemed to point at my Pomeranian Samantha. Which she just got home from having surgery she had cancer and after that happened she died. It was like a sign pointing to Sam.

One day I was washing clothes all day long on a ringer washer. It was dusk out as I was in the basement and folding cloths. I kept feeling like I was being watched. So I started talking to myself saying "oh my gosh I'm going to be up all night long doing clothes. I'll have to come back down here again". Hoping to myself whatever was watching me would change its mind like and get me on the next trip I come down. So I did make it upstairs I never went back down late in the evening again. Or, if I did I made one of the kids come with me and watch my back as they sat on the stairs and talked to me.

One morning I went down and from a dark corner I heard whispering saying. "Mary, Mary, come here Mary" over and over again. I'll tell you what you never seen this fat girl run hurdling over extension cords that fast ever again. I got the heck out of there I thought as long as I wasn't in the basement I'm fine. Or so I thought,

One night I dozed off me and my husband slept in the same room but different beds. I felt breathing on my neck and I could feel something was holding my head to the pillow. I knew it wasn't Joe because I was looking at him in his bed. I couldn't move or anything. When it was released I got up and looked around. I passed it off as me being very tired and must of been dreaming. I didn't tell anyone. The next night it happened all over again except this time, it touched my side a very sensitive spot that I can't stand to have touched. It was breathing on me and holding me down and again I couldn't move. Well that was it I was going to tell the family. But I knew something smart would be said sure enough. My youngest son Charlie said aww mom you were probably just having a wet dream. So I got mad and said I wasn't going to tell them nothing else. I wasn't! Until that night when the blankets flew off me and I got pulled out of bed. I looked around thought the kids was making fun of me and pulled me. But they were sleeping.

Then one day my daughter Mary was babysitting a little girl. She was spending the night and she asked Mary "Can we please go back home and stay there"? She was scared and Mary asked what was wrong? The little girl said there was a man standing by Mary's dresser starring at her. So they ended up sleeping in the living room and I through that dresser on the curb the next day. I received that dresser from Salvation Army thrift store. And none of this happened until I brought that dresser in as soon as the dresser left everything stopped.


Ohio Ghost Stories


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