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Godfather's Pizza Ghost

Definition: Why would a ghost haunt a pizza place?


When customers at Godfather's Pizza in Ogden, Utah, order a pizza with everything, they sometimes get more than they paid for.

The Godfather's Pizza Ghost was popularized in the early 2000's in a photo taken by a Utah Paranormal Group. But more about that later. The Godfather's Pizza Ghost is a really interesting story because it's a mixed bag of paranormal activity. People have experienced everything from whistling to poltergeist activity to full body apparitions. Apparently, there's a jukebox in the place that plays all by itself -- even when it's unplugged.

Many people don't mind a full body apparition or two, as long as they seem friendly. But poltergeist activity is another matter altogether. Unlike ghosts, poltergeists are irritating spirits that tend to attach themselves to one person rather than a place. One of the interesting examples of poltergeist activity at Godfather's Pizza is the act of taking these fluorescent light bulbs and hurling them across the floor. A poltergeist is going to commit some sort of random, senseless act like that.

Staff and guests at Godfather's pizza have experienced these apparitions, and there's speculation that all of these ghosts are appearing inside Godfather's Pizza because the restaurant was built on an old pauper's field. Getting back to that photo taken by that Utah paranormal group, it appears to be the image of a small person, possibly a child. Now with all the ghosts at Godfather's Pizza, why is this person the only one brave enough to show his face? Kids love pizza!

Phenomena included:

  • The sighting of several spirits, including those of a man, a woman, and two boys
  • A jukebox that played by itself, even when unplugged
  • A tile floor that inexplicably bulged up as high as ten inches, then leveled itself; a later examination showed nothing out of the ordinary beneath the tile and the concrete was intact
  • As many as 40 fluorescent light tubes flew out of their boxes and smashed on the floor
  • Mysterious whistling was heard from the kitchen several times.

UPER's investigation found that the restaurant might have been built upon a very old pauper's field -- a cemetery for the poor. It also resulted in this photo, taken by Merry Barrentine, UPER's general manager, in 2000. This misty apparition was actually seen with the naked eye for a few seconds as it materialized in the middle of the room.


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