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The London Tower

Definition: The London Tower held countless executions and barbaric tortures. Anne Boleyn, the beheaded wife of King Henry the VIII, reportedly still haunts the tower. Here is some of The London Tower's paranormal history.


The Tower of London is extremely famous for it's ghost stories, and it is no surprise when you consider the amount of misery and bloodshed, the amount of executions that have taken place there, and also the amount of executions that have taken place in the tower. Buried beneath the alter in the chapel is Anne Boleyn, wife of King Henry the VIII, she was put to death at his insistence. And various other personalities who that go back throughout English history.

One night, an Officer of the Guard was walking by the chapel and he noticed some very bright lights coming from the chapel windows. So he peeked inside, and he saw a procession of historical figures that were walking down the aisle, lit in some ethereal ghostly light, heading from the doorway to the alter itself where Anne Boleyn is buried, and he claimed at the head of tha procession was the headless figure of none other than Anne Boleyn herself.

Sir Walter Raleighof course was one of Britain's great explorers and he was very much in favor with Queen Elizabeth. But like so many men he very quickly fell out of favor with the queen, and was held prisoner n the tower. And he was held prisoner in the tower in very cramped quarters, but was given a walkway, which you can still see today, and you can still walk today, if you so choose. Footsteps have been heard walking along Sir Walter Raleigh's walk. Footsteps have been heard walking along Walter Raleigh's walk many times on a summer evening.

I have been fortunate enough to have visit the tower in person several times and i spoke with the Yeomen Warders, or as they are more popularly known, Beefeaters, about personal experiences. One of his colleagues quite recently had taken his young son on his rounds of the building after nightfall. The White Tower is the building where two young princes were found murdered. The Yeomen warder himself was performing his security duties while his young son was playing by himself on the floor, and when he said "Hey, it's time to go, it's time to leave, his son looked at him and said, "Dad, not now, I am playing with the two boys. So this very practical man, his blood went absolutely cold, and he no longer likes to perform security duties at night in The Tower of London.


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