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Theory behind Limestone Quartz and Magnetite

Definition: Limestone, Quartz, and/or Magnetite deposits can supposedly hold information, such as an event in history, and when the information is released a residual haunting may occur.


Theory: Limestone, Quartz, and/or Magnetite deposits can supposedly hold information, such as an event in history, and when the information is released a residual haunting may occur.

A Residual haunting is when an event in the past gets imprinted at a certain location and is released in the present world. An example of this is Gettysburg battlefield in Pennsylvania. There have been reports of tourists walking through the park and seeing a reenactment of solders having a battle. When the tourists return to the park office, they find out that there was no reenactment scheduled for that day. In theory what has happened is that the battle that took place at Gettysburg is imprinted at this location. Some say that because of the high energy during the battle that is what got imprinted at this location. Some also say that because of the amount of solders that had lost their lives during this battle that there spirits are not at rest, and that is why this place has paranormal activity. In a residual haunting there is no intelligence behind the haunt. There cannot be any interaction between you and the event that is taken place. If you are able to interact with the event and the soldiers or people that are part of the event than it is an intelligent haunting. A residual haunting is like a tape recorder playing the information over and over again. A residual haunting usually happens at the same time every time. It may take place once a year, once a month, once a week, or on rare occasions, you may only see it one time only.

Testing the theory that Limestone, Quartz, and/or Magnetite can generate a residual haunting is almost impossible to do in a lab. One way to test the theory is find out were residual hauntings are taking place and log them down. Then you have to see if the United States Geological Survey (USGS) has ever done a field survey on that location. If they did a survey then you can see what rocks/minerals are present at that location. If you look at the facts about each rock/mineral, then you can base any possibilities that a residual haunting can even occur. The first thing that should be looked at is how the rocks are formed. In the rock cycle you can see how each rock type; igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks are formed. Here is an example of the rock cycle.

As you can see to form igneous rocks you need melting, which turns to magma and then solidification. To form sedimentary rocks you need weathering and erosion to take place then lithification. To form metamorphic rocks you need metamorphism to occur which is extreme heat and pressure.

The big question is: How is the information stored in these rocks? What has to happen? I believe that for any kind of information whether it being physical properties or any type of energy present to be stored in these rocks that it would have to take place when these rocks are forming.

Putting the rocks/minerals to the test. Is it even possible that Limestone, Quartz, and/or Magnetite able to hold any kind of information? Also by checking to see what makes up these rocks/minerals should be able to give you an idea if this theory is even possible.

Limestone: Limestone is a sedimentary rock that usually forms in lakes, streams, rivers, oceans etc. Most Limestone is deposited in warm shallow seas, on carbonate shelves etc. Limestone is a carbonate rock mainly made up of calcite precipitated chemically or by organisms, and lime. Since lime can react to hydrochloric acid, Limestone dissolves and re-crystallizes very easily. In humid climates, Limestone weathers rapidly, and in arid climates it weathers slowly. Limestone is made up of many things such as, shells, compacted crystalline rocks, plant and animal matter, and decaying algae. Limestone is a great source of fossils. Examples of some Limestone are coquina, and chalk.

From what I can see here, I do not believe that Limestone can generate a residual haunting because Limestone is mainly made up of organic matter. When looking at Limestone there is a lot of physical information you may get from it, but there is no sign that Limestone can hold any type of light energy. The release mechanism is there, because Limestone reacts to hydrochloric acid, but do to what Limestone is made up of I don't think that it is possible.

Magnetite: Magnetite is a mineral that is mainly found in igneous rocks, but also found in metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. The sand on the beaches of Long Island New York contains magnetite. If you take the sand and put it on a paper plate and put a magnet underneath it, the magnetite will move around. Magnetite is highly magnetic. In the paranormal field there are a few theories that are based around magnetism.

One of the theories is that when a ghost/spirit manifests it will alter the magnetic field around that area. Another theory is that if there is a high magnetic field around, the ghost/spirit can draw in the energy from the magnetic field using the energy to manifest. The theory that magnetite can generate a residual haunting isn't as far fetched as it may seem. There is no way to test to see if a magnetic field holds any kind of past events in them, but we do know that high magnetic field have a lot of energy in them. There are many theories related to high magnetic fields. One of the theories is the Bermuda Triangle theory. In the Bermuda Triangle there are high magnetic fields that are present. Some of the stories that are linked to the Bermuda Triangle is that some ships, and planes that go through the Triangle have disturbances on there electronic equipment, such as radar, fuel gauges, altimeters, barometers, lights, etc. Some of the ships and planes that enter into the Bermuda Triangle never come out of it. Some say that they are lost in time. There was one story that I heard about a plane that was flying from Bermuda to Florida. The plane was about 20 minutes off of the coast of Florida. The pilot could actually see the coast of Florida. He had communications with the airport. The airport in Florida picked his plane up on radar. A few minutes later his electrical equipment started acting up, and the gauges of his plane started spinning around, and he disappeared off of the radar screen, and lost communication with the airport. The pilot didn't panic and he just kept heading towards the coast of Florida because it was in his vision. Two hours later he gained communications back with the airport and he popped back up on the radar screen. The airport stated that when he popped back up on their radar screen that he was in the same spot that he was when they lost him off of radar. 20 minutes later the plane landed with no problems. For 2 hours the plane did not move an inch. The Magnetic fields that exist in the Bermuda Triangle must fluctuate if these stories are true because every day planes and ships pass through there with no problems at all.

The US Navy had supposedly done an experiment using high magnetic fields, but they deny that this experiment ever took place. The name of the experiment was called the Philadelphia Experiment, or the Montauk Project. They took a ship and equipped it with a high magnetic field generator. The name of the ship was the USS Eldridge. The idea was to make the ship disappear and then reappear at another location. When the ship disappeared it would also disappear off of radar as well. Supposedly the Navy had done a few tests with this and for the most part it worked. They were successful in making the ship disappear and reappear using high magnetic fields. The experiment took a plunge when they did a test with a crew on board. They were able to make the ship disappear with no problems, but when the ship reappeared the crew that was on the ship became part of the ship. For example some crewmembers were embedded into the floor, some of them were part of the walls and the railings etc. Many died but there were some survivors. If this experiment really did take place and the stories of the Bermuda Triangle are true then I would say that magnetite could possible generate a residual haunting, based on these other theories.

Quartz: Quartz is one of the most common minerals that are around. Quartz forms a significant part of most igneous rocks. Some facts about quartz are as follows.

"When crystal quartz is cut at an exact angle to its axis, pressure on it generates a minute electrical charge. This effect makes quartz of great usefulness in radio, television, and radar. The supply of natural radio quartz is so limited that methods for growing quartz crystals in the laboratory have been developed. Quartz transmits short light waves (ultraviolet) better than glass. When not of radio quality, crystal quartz is melted to form blanks to make special lenses and prisms." (Source: Rocks and Minerals 1962, Zim and Shaffer, page 77)

I would say that Quartz has the properties to possible generate a residual haunting. Quartz is a basic transmitter for radio, television and radar. An interesting thing about quartz also is that doubly terminated quartz crystals are often found in Limestone cavities. So it may be possible that people thought that it was Limestone that was creating a residual haunting when it could have been quartz that was really causing it to happen.


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