Heather Hill Hospital and Health
Heather Hill Hospital and Health
PANICd#: 1079
PANICd#: 1079
Chardon, OH - UHHS Heather Hill was founded in 1939 by a Cleveland social worker, Mabel Woodruff. The original 150-acre estate included 60 acres of timber, five natural springs, several homes, a carriage house, granery and barn.

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New Photos: Poe at University of Virginia
For a short period of time, Edgar Allan Poe attended the University of Virginia.  During a recent research trip, we stopped at this location and took some photos of his former dorm room.
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New Photo Added: The Silent Witness Doll
This is a photograph of “The Silent Witness Doll”.   This doll was present during the surrender of General Lee to General Grant at the McLean House in Appomattox Court House.
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New Parapedia Post: Death By Elephants
Humanity has conjured a constellation of ways to conduct executions, and this may be one of the wildest methods of them all.
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DISQUS Comment System Now Added to Website and Locations
One of the features of the original PANICd system was to the ability to allow visitors to add comments to the locations.   This feature is now back, come and leave your comments.
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Website and Blog Undergoing Some Changes
We have been offline for a little while and have decided that when we come back we would get the website a little facelift…
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