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Hauntings at the Borden House

Definition: It is no wonder there are paranormal reports of the Borden House were the horrible murders took place.


The Lizzie Borden House in Massachusetts is easily one of the most well-known haunted locations in the world. The property has been covered on numerous TV shows, documentaries and is the subject of books discussing a wide range of theories. Whether you believe Lizzie killed her parents, a stranger committed the act or an illegitimate son of her father is to blame, there's no denying the fact that something weird happened in the house and may continue to happen in one form or another to this day.

Paranormal Activity at the Lizzie Borden House

A variety of paranormal reports have come from the Lizzie Borden House. Of course it's important to remember that a location with this kind of notoriety is also going to attract thrill seekers and the less scrupulous interested in making a buck off of ghost footage or sounds.

Despite a lot of questionable paranormal content out there related to the Lizzie Borden House, the building has produced some intriguing stories. Paranormal TV show Ghost Adventures filmed their October 21st, 2011 episode at the house. During the episode, they related stories about the murders of other family members on the property before Andrew and Abby's grisly attack.

Paranormal investigators Matt Moniz and Tim Weisberg were in the basement of the Lizzie Borden House during a tour when a woman in the group was suddenly scratched by an invisible entity. Weisberg responded by saying "Why don't you pick on someone your own size? "as he stood by a door. After antagonizing the entity, Weisberg was violently shoved backwards. No living person had touched him during the incident. The assault was aggressive enough to leave obvious hand prints along Weisberg's raised arms.

Moniz set up a camera on the third floor during the investigation, focused on a bed. A few people walked into the room and, as they did, the camera inexplicably shifted to look at them. They tried to recreate the incident in case someone had accidentally pulled a wire or somehow shifted the camera. They could not reproduce the effect. After the attempt, they set the camera back up and it immediately did the same thing again, turning to face the people standing in the room. No one was near the device and no explanation was ever found.

Tour guide Eleanor Thibault also shared her experiences in the creepy Borden House basement. She said she went down to get supplies one day. As she moved down the stairs she heard the distinct sounds of footsteps behind her. When she turned to look, no one was there. She promptly exited after the incident.

Some investigators hold seances at the Lizzie Borden House in an attempt to connect with whatever energy may linger there. Psychic Medium Liz Nowicki participated in one such seance when her view grew fuzzy and she became disoriented.

An NBC news segment covering the Lizzie Borden House also describes reports of flashes of energy focused on the couch where Andrew was slain. A photograph allegedly shows a bizarre cloud hovering where he met his end.


The Borden Murders


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