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Hauntings at the Borden House - 2

Definition: The following is an account of a couple of hauntings by a former skeptic. You can click on the reference link at the end for more information.


Here is the account of a couple of occurrences that happened to a former skeptic while staying at the Borden House. Now a Bed and Breakfast opened to the public.

August 4, 2006. The B&B was filled with paranormal investigators, psychics, mediums, ghost-writing authors, etc., all talking about this new entity in the house. I listened with the ear and mind of a skeptic. "If you want it, it will come." Exhausted from the day and night's activities, I went to lay on a cot down in the cellar, away from it all. Everyone was upstairs. I was alone. I lay on my side and in a few moments felt 3 fingers slide down my back. Distinctively 3 fingers.

Not a spider, not cobwebs, but fingers. I leaped up and yelled: "Who's there?". For the first time EVER, I was scared and I bolted upstairs and outside to smoke a cigarette with a shaking hand. Relating what I had just experienced, I was told that it was a new, hostile entity that came thru a portal from all the seance conducted in the house. Oh fine, thought I... after all these years now I got to think twice about this house being active. Me. Senior Skeptic #1. It was like I was paranormally divirginized. I could never view or feel the same about 92 Second Street again. I was deflowered. And I didn't like it.

September 29, 2007. Ghost Hunter's University booked the whole house. In addition, a number of psychics and mediums were in attendance. Donald Woods and I sat in on a seance conducted by local medium "Liz". Liz is a very sweet and attractive lady who can "read" people and sense "things." She regularly conducts seance for guests who want them at the B&B. Never having sat in on any seance and quite frankly believed them to be faked, I thought I would check this out.

About 16-20 people in the room - 6 seated at a round table. Liz's back was to the sealed up fireplace. My back was towards the parlor door. I had a clear unobstructed view of all at the table. Without detailing all the questions asked by Liz and the other guests, I'll just state what happened. The table moved. The table not only moved, it lifted from the carpet, it turned several times 360 degrees, it tilted about 80 degrees, it rocked and rolled. Trickery? Knee-cap momentum? Finger grips? Wires? Well, I'll tell you this. I bent down several times and looked underneath the table. I walked right up *to* the table and crouched down and observed everyone's legs, feet, knees, arms and hands. I did this several times. I moved in closer and eye-balled all hands and fingers watching for pressure, grips, slides, whatever. That table moved even when everybody's hands were completely off the table and their feet were flat on the floor and no body parts came in contact with the table! Conclusion: THE LIZZIE BORDEN HOUSE IS ACTIVE. Does that mean it's haunted? Well, for some, things do go Boo! and Bump in the night, but no one's ever been hurt or morphed into some axe-wielding creature creating bloody bedlam.


The Borden Murders


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