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EVP Classifications

Definition: Here are the different classifications or grades of EVP's that can be captured.


EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena) come in a wide range of styles. Some EVPs are load and clear, while others are much softer and need headphones or amplification to hear. And still others are either low, garbled or otherwise unclear. While there could be many reasons why EVPs come in such a wide variety of styles (see our article on How EVPs Are Formed), to better help describe the characteristics of an EVP paranormal investigators and researchers often use a classification system to rate the quality of an EVP recording.

The follow is the classifications of EVPs that are generally accepted and used by paranormal researchers and investigators:

Class A - This type of EVP is loud, clear and of very high quality. The voice is easily understandable and does not need enhancement or amplification. Class A EVPs are also often (but not always) in direct response to a question being asked.

Class B - This is the most common type of EVP. This type of EVP is of somewhat lower quality and clarity than a Class A EVP but still very audible. Class B EVPs often do need some amount of enhancement or amplification to be heard clearer. The voice may not be clear enough to be totally understood or there may be disagreement as to what it is saying. Class B EVPs are often not in direct response to a question.

Class C - This is the lowest quality EVP. With a Class C EVP even the best enhancement and amplification may not be sufficient to make the voice audible or clear. There may even be debate whether or not an EVP is actually present.

Some paranormal investigators go further:

Class D - Occasionally referred to as Class R. There are very poor quality EVPs. Extremely questionable if it even is an EVP. Also referred to as EVP chatter, whispers, breathing noises and airy sounds. Some investigators use Class D as a "holding" classification until further analysis is performed. Either way, Class D EVPs are not used presentable as evidence.

Class G - Also known as the "garbage" because EVPs of such low quality that need extreme enhancement, filtering, etc. are probably not real EVPs. Even if later validated, with such extreme enhancement the reliability of the EVP is highly questionable. In other words, if you have to try that hard to make a sound an EVP then it probably isn't so.


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