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Key West Lighthouse

Key West Lighthouse paranormal

Photo by: Marianne Donley
Location submitted by: sdonley on 08/04/2017
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Almost immediately after the U.S. Navy established a base in Key West in 1823, the need for a lighthouse became evident

938 Whitehead St
Key West , FL 33040
Phone: (305) 294-0012
Open to the public: Yes

Lat: 24.5504565
Lon: -81.80068030000001

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Almost immediately after the U.S. Navy established a base in Key West in 1823, the need for a lighthouse became evident. Erecting a lighthouse was essential in assuring the safe arrival of both military and commercial vessels navigating the shallow, reef-laden waters off the Florida Keys

The current lighthouse opened in 1848 with a woman as its Keeper; nearly unheard of during the 19th century. In the years following, the Key West Lighthouse underwent a number of upgrades including the installation of a Third Order Fresnel Lens, an extension to the tower which allowed the light to be seen from a greater distance, the addition of Keeper's Quarters, and finally the electrification of the light.

In 1969, the U.S. Coast Guard decommissioned the Key West Lighthouse since there was no longer a need for a full-time Keeper due to technological advancements. Today, this sentinel of the sea stands as a museum dedicated to Key West's maritime heritage and to the men and women who bravely kept the light burning through the threats of war and weather.

Today, visitors can walk up the 88 steps to the top of the light as well as explore the belongings, photographs, and words of the lighthouse Keepers and their families who lived a now obsolete, yet never forgotten, way of life.

Added by: sdonley on 08/01/2019 DB#:487


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When the lighthouse keeper died, his wife Barbara continued the laborious job of maintaining the light and keeping the lens clean during the night. Even after a hurricane damaged the lighthouse and killed all of her children, she faithfully continued her mission of maintaining the light to help protect shipping.

Barbara is perhaps the most dedicated of the Key West ghosts. It's said that you can hear her footsteps and even see her climbing the steep staircase to the top of the Key West lighthouse as she diligently attends to her important duties.

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Barbara Mabrity kept the Key West Light shining for years and has no intentions of retiring. Her ghost still climbs 88 steps several times a night to make sure everything is in ship shape. Visitors to the keeper's quarters encounter Key West's version of Typhoid Mary. Mary and her husband both fell victim to typhoid fever while employed at the site. Dozens of other ghosts roam the lighthouse grounds, including two women seen walking hand in hand, an unknown soldier and a pensive man near the lighthouse entrance.

Added by: sdonley on 08/01/2019 DB#:1478

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3004 08/01/2019 sdonley The apparition of the former lighthouse keeper is seen walking up the steps of the tower.
3005 08/01/2019 sdonley Phantom footsteps can be heard walking up the tower steps.
3006 08/01/2019 sdonley The apparition of two women holding hands have been seen on the grounds.
3007 08/01/2019 sdonley An unknown soldier apparition has been seen on the grounds.
3008 08/01/2019 sdonley The apparition of a pensive man by the lighthouse entrance has been seen.

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Florida's Key West Lighthouse Museum Ghost Report
Added: 08/01/2019 By: sdonley
Florida Ghost Report is a Scary Collection of Ghost Stories in the state of Florida with Video, Photos, Maps, & Eye Witness Accounts where ghost hunters can find the Key West Lighthouse Museum Ghost in our ghost directory and read scary stories about real ghosts, ufos, bigfoot, and mysterious happenings. Our huge list of paranormal tales shows exciting ghost pictures, true ghost videos, real eye witness accounts of the unexplained by ghost hunters who see dead people. Our ghost maps and supernatural directions to Florida cities pinpoint the exact locations of ghost sightings where gost enthusiasts can investigate haunted houses, take new frightening photos of ghosts, shoot ghost YouTube videos, and post their real ghost stories on our Ghost Report forum.
Key West's Most Haunted - Top 10
Added: 08/01/2019 By: sdonley
Information about the location, see link for details.
The Key West Lighthouse & Keeper's Quarters Museum
Added: 08/01/2019 By: sdonley
Information about the location, see link for details.

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