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Warehouse On The Canal

Warehouse On The Canal paranormal

Location submitted by: sdonley on 09/10/2012
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This seemingly quaint building on Canal Street in Canal Fulton is a one-stop shop for practically all of your needs: antiques, collectibles, artwork, hair salon, restaurant and....ghosts.

239 N. Canal Street
Canal Fulton , OH 44614
Phone: 330-854-1111
Open to the public: Unknown

Lat: 40.8904313
Lon: -81.5988562

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Warehouse on the Canal - building and ghost history

The building was built in 1906 that has impressive 18" thick brick walls with the old world charm of tinceilings and wooden floors. Located adjacent to the historic Ohioand Erie Canal the building sits on top of anenormous aquifer known as, "The Big Indian". Water has electro-magnetic energywhich attracts spirits. The building in addition to being a mortuary and acasket maker; also stored on the third floor historical tombstones needingrepairs going back to the early 1800's. The building that is adjacent to theWarehouse is the Canal Fulton VFW but at one time built tombstones. The area wherethe Warehouse is has a history of honoring the dead and one of the reasons forthe spirit activity being so strong in the building.

The Warehouse has the reputationof being the best opportunity to experience or witness a paranormal encounter.

James Finefrock (1863 - 1936).

The Swigart-Easterling FuneralHome, Inc. of Canal Fulton had its beginning as the Finefrock Furniture Storeon North Canal Streetin Canal Fulton. As was the custom in the early twentieth century, many localfurniture stores also served as the undertaker in town; such was the case withthe Finefrock Furniture Store. Records from this era begin in approximately1915 and continue until the death of founder James Finefrock in 1936. In 1937,Paul R. Swigart and his wife Vera (the son-in-law and daughter of JamesFinefrock) separated the funeral home operations from the furniture store andmoved the Swigart Funeral Home to its current location today.

Pandemic Flu of 1918:

It was called the "Spanish Flu" that started in Kansas City, Missouriand is considered as the second worse natural disaster in human history onlybehind the Black Plaque. It was estimated that between 40 - 100 million diedrepresenting one out of every 5 people worldwide being infected and 675,000Americans died of the flu. Due to the rate of the people perishing it becamedifficult to bury them fast enough.

The former embalming area of thebasement housed these bodies until preparations could be made. There were somany bodies that they had to be stacked like cords of wood. One of the horrorsof this sickness is that it depressed the respiration to the point that itappeared that you were dead. Subsequently, many people died of asphyxiation.Can you imagine the sheer terror of being stacked upon and completely helplessand just waiting to die or be embalmed or buried alive.

Those who are sensitive to theparanormal can feel their pain and suffering whereas others can hear theirmoans of agony.


A vortex is a spirit portal ordoorway where spirits can pass back and forth. Lester that you will soon meetis the guardian of this doorway preventing any negative spirits from entering.You will have the opportunity of standing within this doorway and experiencingwhat you are open to experiencing from a feeling of where the spirits can passthrough you to swaying as though you were on a ship. There are a number ofspirits that are always around the vortex.

Welcome to their world:

Lester is the dominant spirit inthe building and the former basement mortuary is his domain. Lester is theguardian of the doorway or spirit portal. Spirits have free will just like theliving and they do not tolerate their presence and will force them out. TheWarehouse has a very positive energy about it. In addition to Lester you willbe introduced to a number of different spirits, a mirror where countless peoplehave seen spirits in the mirror including their own loved ones.

Your guide to the spirit world:

To get a full appreciation of theparanormal you need to have someone who can guide you into the world ofspirits. Helen is a high level medium with over 50 years of experience that wework with. Helen is able to ask the spirits for their assistance. Helen willget Lester to put his hands around yours to see if you can "physically" feel spirit energy. Helen is an expert in ancient Native American healing and a fewwill have the opportunity of being grounded where the negative energy isremoved from the body and replaced by positive energy. Because of the energythat it takes to do this healing, Helen will only be able to ground up to 3 people.

The former embalming room is sofull of spirits that you will be standing shoulder to shoulder with themsometimes in complete darkness to see if you can sense and feel them movingaround and attempting to communicate with you by touching your face, tugging onyour pant leg or letting you feel their coldness.

Helen is able to see andcommunicate with the spirit guides that are with every single person and youmay be lucky enough to hear who is with you and any messages that the spiritswant you to hear. At the conclusion; there will be open questions for Helen.

The Warehouse is a spiritualexperience unlike any other anywhere. Bring your cameras to see if you cancapture your spirit hosts and as always be prepared for the unexpected.

As you walk into the building, don't forget to say hello to Joe the resident spirit bartender.

Added by: sdonley on 09/16/2012 DB#:144
Provided by Ken Roberts, proprietor of Canal Fulton's Warehouse on the Canal

This seemingly quaint building on Canal Street in Canal Fulton is a one-stop shop for practically all of your needs: antiques, collectibles, artwork, hair salon, restaurant and....ghosts.

Built in 1906 along the banks of the old Ohio and Erie Canal, this 3-story building was originally owned by Charles O. Finefrock. Doing business as Finefrock Furniture (which later became C.O. Finefrock Company), he sold and warehoused furniture on the first two floors.

Ever the shrewd businessman, Finefrock later diversified. Beginning around 1916, he ran a mortuary and funeral parlor in the basement. The mortuary continued operations until the 1930's.

For several decades, most of the building, including the attic and basement, were closed to the public. Therefore, little is known about any "unusual" events in the building, especially during the time Finefrock operated it as a furniture dealer and undertaker.

The building was recently acquired by new owners, who rehabbed the place into a specialty shopping mall. They also unsealed the attic and basement.

Since then, reports of ghost sightings and strange occurrences started flooding in.


Added by: sdonley on 09/10/2012 DB#:143


Stories are just that. Stories and personal accounts that have been reported about the location.

By definition, a vortex is a spinning, often turbulent, flow of fluid. But, we are not talking about this type of vortex. In the paranormal when you talk about a vortex you are referring to an area of concentrated energy that can act as a portal for spirits traveling between the spirit world and this world. When one encounters a vortex they may feel a range of sensations from a slight tingling on the exposed skin, to a vibration emanating from the ground, a sense of swaying, light headed, a feeling of being sucked into the ground among other sensations. Mediums and others who are sensitive often get headaches and are unable to stay even in the area around the vortex itself.

At the Warehouse we have a very strong vortex that we discovered by accident. We noticed that a number of people were feeling light headed and a little dizzy around a certain area located in the basement that was a mortuary from 1916- 1936. Mediums and others who were sensitive did not feel comfortable within this particular area as they developed severe headaches as they sensed and felt the concentrated energy flow. To identify the center of the vortex I drew a line to match up the points that people felt the strongest.

The following are a few of the actual accounts of the experiences in the Warehouse vortex:

One person who repeatedly stepped into the vortex had their glasses immediately fogged up, and, when they stepped out their glasses immediately cleared up.

One person in a motorized wheelchair went into the vortex and the wheelchair stopped working. She along with her wheelchair had to be physically lifted out of the vortex where her wheelchair immediately then began to work again

One of my most memorable was when a pregnant woman refused to go anywhere near the vortex. Her husband kept urging her on, but, she was adamant. When I asked her why she did not want to go she replied, "This is going to sound crazy, but, it is though her baby did not want her to go as he was kicking her like mad".

Channel 5 TV had placed a "ghost cam" looking down on the vortex that did not identify what it was that gave their viewers a chance to watch on the internet with the opportunity to comment on anything that they may have seen. In 9 years of doing the ghost cam they had never received the number of comments as they did from our vortex area where people saw faces and bodies coming up out of the vortex area.

Added by: sdonley on 09/16/2012 DB#:1098


The action moves downstairs into the warehouse basement, which is dimly lit, funereal by design and caused a distinct physical tightness in this writer's chest, the kind that accompanies feelings of guilt or dread. The main room has rows of church pews in front of a stage where a coffin sits, with a mannequin dressed in a widow's black garb looming above.

Here, Helen Mayor, a Norton-based psychic medium, shares lore about how the dead were prepared for burial in Victorian times, the widow's yearlong mourning period, and a time when Canal Fulton was so wracked by illness that bodies were hauled away for mass burial in trenches.

The basement is where Lester, the warehouse's protective and dominant ghost, hangs out, we are told. A woman sometimes is seen in a basement mirror, Mayor says, and the ghost of a little African-American girl tends to be spotted as well.

In the near-darkness, Mayor brightly offers to do a form of North American energy healing on the individuals in our tour group. One of the women who steps forward told me the next day that her nagging back pains lifted with Mayor's ministrations.

Also in the basement is the aforementioned vortex, and another chamber identified by Mayor as the embalming room. She tells us the room is filled with shadow people whose names she calls out individually. When she asks if anyone else is seeing them, after she turns off her flashlight, no one replies.

The tour concludes in the building's third floor, oven-like on this August night, where a child-like ghost named Nate reportedly dwells amid a selection of toys spread out on a blanket. At Mayor's urging, a woman from the group sits on the floor to play patty-cake with Nate, who Mayor says is seated right across from the volunteer. As the child's game proceeds, Nate's new playmate says with surprise that she feels cold air at the palms of her hands in this very warm attic.

Added by: sdonley on 09/16/2012 DB#:1099

The Warehouse building built in 1906 is listed as a haunted place on websites and
books. It is located in Canal Fulton, Ohio.

Owners Ken and Margarita have personally experienced the ghosts haunting this old
building. They have heard footsteps, doors closing and the elevator running at night.
Lights would go off and on and Ken's tools would end up missing. Margarita has felt
someone breathing on her neck and has had someone grab her shoulder while walking
up the stairs. Both events scared her pretty good. Margarita chose to get sassy with the
spirits by telling them to help her get to work cleaning if they were going to be there
anyway. She felt a hand slap her hard on the cheek. So, she decided to make a deal
with the spirits: she would not make fun of them if they didn't touch her anymore! Once
Ken and Margarita realized the spirits were not bad, they decided to see if people would
be interested in a visiting a ghost dinner at the paranormal place.

Other Warehouse On The Canal ghost stories concern apparitions of two women in turn
of the century clothing as well as a tall man in a tan coat and hat having been seen
various people. Psychics have also had impressions of a young girl; a prankster boy;
and tragedy - all haunting this turn-of-the-century building. Photographs with strange
and unexplained orbs and ectoplasm; eerie cold spots, creepy sensations, unexplained
footsteps, noises and smells (such as cigar smoke), objects being moved around, etc.,
are mysteries surrounding the Warehouse On The Canal.

A combined "Ghost Dinner and Ghost Hunt Tour" is held monthly coinciding with the full
or new moon cycle. Dinner is held at the "Let's Mango Tea Garden Restaurant" where
you receive a very hands on approach by ghost investigator Sherri Brake-Recco, who
mixes modern technology with the ancient art of dowsing in search of ghosts and spirits.
She educates as well as presents the history of the building and local canal town area.
The tour begins in the basement which used to be a mortuary between 1916-1936. The
third floor still looks similar to the way it did in 1906. There are four floors of intrigue and
a very interesting local pioneer cemetery located nearby to investigate on the ghost tour.

Seating is limited and reservations are required as the tours book up months in advance.
Reservations can be made by calling (330) 854-1111.

Added by: sdonley on 09/10/2012 DB#:1097

Paranormal Claims

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Claim # Added Added By Claim
1572 09/10/2012 sdonley A couple of people have reported seeing the ghost of a little girl around the old elevator shaft.
1573 09/10/2012 sdonley People have reported cold spots.
1574 09/10/2012 sdonley Strange noises have been reported.
1575 09/10/2012 sdonley "Disembodied Footsteps" have been reported.
1576 09/10/2012 sdonley The raidio station in the hair salon has repeatedly turned itself back to the same station.
1577 09/10/2012 sdonley Lights have been reported to turn off and on.
1578 09/10/2012 sdonley Other electrical disturbances have been reported.
1579 09/10/2012 sdonley Several people claimed to have spotted persons in "period clothing" wandering the warehouse.
1580 09/10/2012 sdonley Doors have closed by themselves.
1581 09/10/2012 sdonley The elevator has ran by itself late at night.
1582 09/10/2012 sdonley The owner has felt someone grab her and has felt someone breathing on her neck.
1583 09/10/2012 sdonley Objects have moved by themselves.
1584 09/16/2012 sdonley EVPs and Voices have been recorded

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CLAIM #: 1578 - Other electrical disturbances have been reported.

Evidence Type: Log or Text
Encounter Type: Other
Hauting Type: Unknown
Investigation Status: More Investigation Needed
Motorized wheelchair not working around vortex area
Submitted By: sdonley On: 09/16/2012
DBA Approved: Y

CLAIM #: 1584 - EVPs and Voices have been recorded

Evidence Type: Audio
Encounter Type: EVP
Hauting Type: Intelligent
Investigation Status: More Investigation Needed
EVP Walk out the door
Submitted By: sdonley On: 09/16/2012
DBA Approved: Y

Evidence Type: Audio
Encounter Type: EVP
Hauting Type: Intelligent
Investigation Status: More Investigation Needed
Are you Happy Here?
Submitted By: sdonley On: 09/16/2012
DBA Approved: Y

Evidence Type: Audio
Encounter Type: EVP
Hauting Type: Unknown
Investigation Status: More Investigation Needed
Just leave us
Submitted By: sdonley On: 09/16/2012
DBA Approved: Y

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Ohio Exploration Society
Added: 09/12/2012 By: sdonley
Investigation report done at this location by the Ohio Exploration Society.

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