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Ohio Ghost Story - Between 11pm and 3am

Definition: A true ghost story from Ohio.


I live in a rural area of Ohio called Hopedale and we rent a two-story house from a very elderly couple who also own a funeral home next door. I do not know if the events I am about to describe has anything to do with our house neighboring a funeral home, but I need some insight, and maybe even some advice on what to do. Note also that I have never believed in ghosts, or the paranormal, up until last month.

Okay, so ever since we moved in last month, we have been having a lot of electrical issues here in the house, for example, the downstairs bathroom lights blew one night, and the landlord fixed it, but blamed us for it. He says, "This house has been electrically solid for 40 years, until you guys moved in." So I brushed it off, and figured well, maybe we did do something to cause a short in the wiring.

A couple weeks went by, nothing out of the ordinary, until one night, around 1 AM, I awoke sweating profusely from a very strange nightmare where I died in a car accident. I looked over and my fiance sound asleep. So I decided not to wake her, and I figured I'd tell her the next morning. I did tell her about the nightmare, and she said that she had a similar dream the night before. Instead, it was a bus accident in her dream.

So, we both shrugged it off as being absolutely coincidental and went about our normal everyday lives until the night of Nov 23, 2011, when we both were awoken by children's laughter coming from downstairs around 2:30 am. We sleep upstairs, and our 1 year old daughter sleeps in her room across from us in her crib. When we woke up and heard the children's laughter, I immediately thought it was my daughter laughing in her crib, so my fianc￿nd I went into Bailey's room to check on her, and as soon as we got up to see if it was her, the laughter stopped. We still decided to check on her, only to find her sound asleep.

Later that same morning, around 10 am, we came downstairs and found all of Bailey's toys thrown out all over the floor as if kids were playing with them the night before. My fiance asked me if I did this as a joke, (cause I am a prankster) but honestly I did not, and of course she did not believe me, but I swear to you, I have no idea how Bailey's toys ended up all over the floor, especially since we always put them away, in her toy box before we go to bed. It's got me creeped out to the point where I am thinking about moving us somewhere else.


Ohio Ghost Stories


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