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Ohio Ghost Story - A Warning from my Mother

Definition: A true ghost story from Ohio.


A year after my mother died, I had become very close to my thrill seeking friend Beth. We would go into this little patch of forest behind her house ALL the time, and every time we would go in, that night I would have a dream of that forest and my mother would be there, staring at me.

One night I was in my kitchen, cooking me some dinner because I had just gotten home from the woods, and then I felt like I was being watched. My mother had died in the room next to the kitchen, do to the fact she died of cancer. I felt stiff as stone for a moment and then right when I thought it was gone, I heard a whisper that sounded like "don't go..."

It sounded a lot like my mother but, do to the fact that at the time I still did not fully believe in ghosts, I shrugged it off and went to bed. But that night I had a dream of my mother and she told me something horrible was in the forest, and then she pointed her finger into the forest and I looked into it and saw what appeared to be a demon of sorts.

The next day I went back into the forest, not heading my mother's warning. That day we went into a long tunnel, where many people were supposedly killed back when it was first made (It's a man made tunnel... like a sewer system almost). Beth and I were sitting, chatting about what we had been doing since school started again when it began to get darker. It was almost pitch black and we kept a flashlight with us, because we wanted to see how long we could stay out. Then I heard what sounded a lot like children laughing... But I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me due to the fact that it was dark.

But when I looked at Beth she was staring into the dark tunnel. I didn't dare look into the tunnel, because I didn't want to know what she was seeing. But then we both got up, freaked out and then Beth said 'stay here' (I was on the edge of the tunnel, so technically I'm in it. The opposite point of the tunnel is the only way to get back to her house, and it's large enough to stand in and run through). So I felt like I was being watched in the horribly dark tunnel and I was standing as still as I could, like a deer in headlights. Beth had gone out of the tunnel, searching for the laughter. While she was gone, I heard footsteps behind me, as if someone was actually near me. Then a male whispered in my ear "don't turn around" and I was so startled, I turned around. But no one was there. I looked deeper into the tunnel and saw what seemed to be a white flash pass by. Then Beth came back in the tunnel and I told her and we both agreed that we should leave the tunnel.

We ran through the tunnel screaming our lungs out, and kept on running through the woods. But as we were leaving the tunnel, we both heard what seemed to be a woman screaming in pain. But we were both so freaked out we didn't stop until we got home.

That stopped me from ever going into the forest again at night, I still go during the day but now I feel like I'm being watched. That was two years ago, now I've had a lot more psychic events going on with me, and a lot of the times it'll first appear in dreams before happening in real life.

I know I'm not hallucinating anything though because she heard it too, and many of my friends have been with me when I actually saw some of the things I did.


Ohio Ghost Stories


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